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Running knowledge from Sara, Your Chosen Inspirator!

How is running for me?

Running for me is work.  I do not consider myself a “natural” runner.  I have to work at it; I can’t just jump off the couch and run a 5k.  I have to prepare & dedicate time and effort to making it happen.  Running is also an escape.  When I am running, it is just me & the road.  It’s my opportunity to decompress, to leave work and family stress behind.  Some days, my kids make it very easy to get out the door and run.  Other days I feel guilty for leaving to run yet again.  Running is a balance between what I want to do for me and what I feel I have to do for everyone else.

At the finish of the Jingle Bell 5K in Portage

At the finish of the Jingle Bell 5K in Portage

What were those 10 long miles like for me?

Honestly, those 10 miles sucked!  But even though I struggled and I was in pain, in those 10 miles I proved to myself that I am capable and I can do anything I set my mind to.  It really is a battle between body & mind.  I know that physically I am capable of 10 miles and more, but in the long runs, my mind tries to tell me otherwise.  I try to combat this with some positive self-talk.  If I am struggling, I have a mantra that I use; “Better Health, Better Self.”  I also look to a bracelet I purchased with the word “persevere” on it.  I use these things to keep going; until I believe it in my mind.  I firmly believe that distance running requires a great amount of “mental toughness” to push through the pain, the doubt & the desire to stop.

Sara During 10 Mile Run

Sara During 10 Mile Run

Sara AFTER her 1st EVER 10 Mile Run, Still Smiling

Sara AFTER her 1st EVER 10 Mile Run, Still Smiling

How do I feel about the upcoming 1/2 Marathon?

I am both nervous and excited for the Gazelle Girl ½ Marathon coming up.  I am mostly excited though.  Excited to put my toes on that starting line and accomplish what I have prepared for – finishing my FIRST ½ Marathon.  I can’t say that finishing a ½ was on my list of things to do.  In fact, without the YT group, I am sure I would never have even contemplated running more than a 5k.  Being part of this tribe has kept me motivated and hungry to do more.  That said, I am very proud to be heading for this starting line with all the other strong women that have made the ½ a goal from themselves as well.  I am most excited to run alongside and finish this with each and every one of these ladies.

Sharing the Moment

Sharing the Moment

Real Life Sara, Your Chosen Inspirator

I think that a king can be a GREAT king IF he has the support of his queen.  A woman can be a GREAT king regardless of support however it is much easier on her if she has it.

Sara has a long volunteering background, a full time career AND she is a mother of twins, wife, runner and cyclist.

Living United isn't just a tag line for this family.

Living United isn’t just a tag line for this family.

Family Fun Day

Family Fun Day

SHE SARA, The Cyclist

SHE SARA, The Cyclist

Support Team and Loudest Cheering Section

Support Team and Loudest Cheering Section

It seems to me that for Sara supporting others comes naturally however, I fully understand that the love and support she is able to extend out is partly because of the love and support she has coming in from her Support Team, her husband and midget cheerleaders!

Last night Sara ran her longest run EVER, 9 MILES in the snow and blowing cold.  Her feet hurt but she didn’t hesitate to stick around and wait for the last of the runners to come in.  She does it because she wants to make sure the runners that she can cheer for she does but also because she knows that her home front is being taken care of by her man, an honorary vagina, St. Christopher.

Sara could do all she does for others without the extra she gets BUT her life is much less stressful because of it.

Support on Sara, support on!

Good morning ladies,

There is nothing more exciting than helping others reach their desired goal.  Due to the diligent work of a few YT Inspirators, Carol and Sara and Melissa, Your Turn began another C25K in St. Joseph Co, Three Rivers to be exact.  At first we were excited that we had a few, like 12, sign up or show interest in joining this group but as more people began talking about it, more people started getting excited about the prospect of being able to walk or run a 5K which is 3.1 miles and the sharing of excitement gained 32 women joining together last night at the George Washington Carver Center to begin training.

Week 1 Day 1 Three Rivers C25K
Week 1 Day 1 Three Rivers C25K

Sadly I am not able to participate in this training but I feel the excitement as though I am there because Sara keeps me up to date.  Sara began her journey with YT last summer when she jumped into a C25K program at week 5.  It doesn’t sound like Sara had been sedentary exactly but running a full 3.1 miles was a challenge for her.  She showed up each week and became more and more excited about running (maybe and sometimes) but even more excited about YT.  She loved the concept of women supporting each other without jealousy or back-biting.  She began giving support to growth ideas YT was having and she volunteered to be a supporter in the ½ Marathon Training program in Kalamazoo.  She drives in twice a week to train to run her first ½ Marathon but also to support the other women who are training to run this distance.  She has is always there when I call her and ask for help and always willing to put her goal of that training run aside to run with someone else in need.  When YT was asked to support Domestic and Sexual Assault Services in Greater St. Joseph Co Sara stepped up again and offered to help.  She is helping to organize the 5K Race that Your Turn is putting on to support DASAS AND she is helping run the C25K Training program to get the women in that area ready to run or walk it.  Can we say she is an INSPIRATION to all of us!!!

Sara on a 1/2 Marathon Training Run, WHOAAA!!
Sara on a 1/2 Marathon Training Run, WHOAAA!!

When Sara called me last night to let me know how Week 1 Day 1 of the C25K went she sounded thrilled to tell me just how the women did on their first run/walk and “how am I going to remember all of their names?” and “I think there’s going to be more next week!”.  The EXCITED ANTICIPATION of getting all these women to the start line of that race is contagious!!!

Sara, you are our CHOSEN INSPIRATOR.  I am excited to share Sara’s story and how she will be fairing with co-training these new YT Inspirators and supporting the ½ Marathon Trainees And supporting DASAS with helping put on the Domestic and Sexual Abuse Services 5K AND running her VERY FIRST EVER ½ Marathon.  Sara, you are an INSPIRATION to me and so many other women.  Thank you for all you do!!!

Keep watch over the upcoming month on our Chosen Inspirator page on this blog.

Get Your Sweat On!

Your Turn


Who knew that blogging while on an amazing adventure at Disney World would be such a challenge. Taking pictures…I can do that ALL DAY LONG (and the Inspirators here would tell you that I do that to an annoying degree) but then posting them and writing how things are going is much different.

Today was Day 2. Anticipation was high because we had to be up at 4:30am to ensure we were ready and didn’t miss the bus for the race, the Royal Family 5K that Ann was participating in. Up we were without a hitch,

Ready to go with TuTu and Minnie ears.

Ready to go with TuTu and Minnie ears.

ready and out the door only to find that the first bus we were to be on was passing us. It was that moment when you realize eve if you bust out in a run you won’t make it. We had to hoof it to the Wilderness Lodge Outpost to catch the bus to take us to Epcot, where the race was to take place.

Yes we did make it on the bus but the extra bit of excitement was funzies for sure!!!

On the Bus; (from the left) Ann, Mel and Dawn

On the Bus; (from the left) Ann, Mel and Dawn

We couldn’t be more excited for Ann but also for all of us that we were able to share this experience together! You really can’t go wrong with a Disney Experience!

The PRINCESSES have landed! So far we’ve learned that Melissa had been trying on her tiara with different hair styles!







1 More Sleep Web stuff is trail and error for me; I may get something up but it doesn’t mean it is professional or even worthy of viewing. Bare with me 🙂




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