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Back 2 Work

Good morning ladies,

How many of us moms were so excited on the first day of school, I can count only 2 women that have expressed sadness.  For most of us that day, getting the kids on a schedule and shipping them off to school is a cause for celebration.  I’ve heard of parties that consist of moms popping the champagne cork after the bus takes off with children safely inside.  However, I and maybe you tend to forget that means many women are back to work.

I know that teachers think it’s different with their “class children” than with their own but I cannot imagine 18-19-22 kids raising their hands after the teacher describes something and a kid, maybe my kid, wants to tell you how it’s different in Mine Craft.  This is how paper is made in Mine Craft, “well not in real life honey”…I know all about temples because I’ve seen them in Mine Craft, “full gold temples aren’t as common in the actual physical world as they are in Mine Craft sweetheart”…I can make cookies in Mine Craft, “that’s enough now sugar, it’s time to let the teacher talk”…holy bananas!!!  I digress.

Going back to work and raising a family is a more than 24 hour a day job.  Getting up to ensure you are ready, then if you have children making sure they are up and ready, getting to work…out of work then the family is home and you are back to your 2nd job or 1st job depending upon where you perceive it all to be on the list of importance at that moment.  Not only are you physically drained, emotionally you are probably at or near the “COO COO” level; here’s the thing though, YOU NEED TO GET PHYSICAL MOVEMENT IN EVEN MORE (if that’s possible).  YOU NEED TO FOCUS ON YOUR NUTRITION EVEN MORE TOO.  In-home work is stressful and parents need to use movement as a stress reliever but SO DO YOU, the women who work outside of the home.  Just because you leave your family to go to your J O B does NOT mean you are neglecting them further if you leave the house to exercise.

We, women, need to get it out of our heads that if we leave the house to take care of our body that we are neglecting our family members.  WE ARE NOT!!!  We are setting an example that we, the mothers, the ones who run everyone everywhere, shop for things we don’t need, spend hours filling out papers and forms for back to school, make lunches, dinners, do laundry…all these things are YES for ourselves but MORE of the things we do are for THEM, the little people and other big person in our home.  It’s easy to get sucked into, I don’t have time, I know because I get there sometimes too…yesterday I didn’t get my bike ride in because of my own time table excuse.  Today I am putting my bike in the back of the van because I know if I don’t get it done before the kids get home it won’t happen.  I will be making time to get a 15 mile ride today.  You have to look at your schedule HONESTLY, look at how many hours you log into Face Book, Twitter, Candy Crush and my new nonsense game Dragon City and know that those are funzies but not nearly as necessary as getting your sweat on!!!

You have to sit down with your children(s) schedule, your schedule, your mate’s schedule and a calendar.  YOU NEED TO PUT YOU ON FIRST!!!  If not, they will not allow you to put yourself on there at all!  The people in our lives want us to think they are helpless without us, that they love us so much that they cannot bear to have us leave the home for 1 extra minute…THEY ARE NOT HELPLESS, unless they are infants and little little people without another adult person to help them (that’s cause for another blog post).  Yes, it makes it easier ON THEM if we neglect ourselves for days on end after spending the summer having time to get our body moving but I’ll tell you, the evil non-exercising mamma will eventually come out, the weight will come back on and everyone in the house is going to be MISERABLE especially YOU!!!  No one, not one person should be more important than YOU!!!  You fill up the calendar with them them them and what happens, you fall off.  What kind of an example is that to them, when they are older and parents themselves who work outside of them home they will get to say, “my mom never took time for herself” and in the back of your daughters mind that means she shouldn’t either.  For our sons, they will think that they are move important than their wife and that she should be his beck and call girl…that’s not how I want my sons to behave and I want my daughter to know that SHE is important enough to take 35-60 minutes for herself each day to go for a walk and clear her head, to get to the gym for a swim and let the cares of the world wash away from her like the ripples in that pool, to hop on her bike and ride for a while with the wind whipping her beautiful red hair and making her cheeks rosy.

YOU set the example that they will follow, what kind of example do you want to be?  Yup, life gets “BUSY” but it will be like that regardless of whether you get your sweat on or don’t.

So Get Your Sweat On anyway!

Your Turn