What YT Does

Good morning ladies,

Another night of me sleeping with a boot on my foot in the hopes of stepping down without pain DOES DO what it’s intended to do.  Down side is I do not sleep well; I do not appreciate the boys waking before I do, it makes me crabby.  I need a new perspective on the day…oh yeah, I am going to meet the YT Butterfly Pin creator and pick up some inspiration for the party on Friday night!  I so hope you can join us while we showcase a few INSPIRATIONAL WOMEN who have achieved goals and supported others.  It also doesn’t help that the jewelry creator is my best friend and we are having lunch at one of my favorite restaurants; I will be having the blue cheese, pecan, chicken salad!!!  Yes, too many calories but I’m eating them with all the love in my heart so those calories don’t count today!

I have two YT experiences I want to share with you from yesterday.  Dawn, the co-creator of YT, had offered to get some rocks for Sylvia’s garden, she is building a fire pit.  On Monday at the YT Gathering it was decided that I would meet Sylvia at the YMCA and drive her to Dawn’s house, because its out there a ways and not easy to find.  During the time I was meeting with Sylvia, Dawn was spending her morning in rubber boots, gloves while on her 4 wheeler gathering up all sorts of large rocks from her yard and loading them into her truck for Sylvia.  Dawn then proceeded to take Sylvia back to her house and help her unload the rocks, then together they ate the Key (Peruvian in my case because I couldn’t find Key limes at Meijer) Lime Pie I made us to share.  THIS IS WHAT YT IS, this is what YT does, this is why YT is different and this is how YT shows YOU that we’ll do everything we can to support you.

Sylvia and Dawn

Sylvia and Dawn

The next story is completely different.

Not only did I sleep in that boot last night and not get much sleep, I slept in it the night before also.  The difference was that I woke up at 3am and didn’t go back to sleep.  I had a full day, when I got home I crawled onto the sofa, in the fetal position and told the kids I needed just a 10 minute nap.  I was sleeping in 1 second and didn’t wake for an hour and 1/2. When I woke at 5:25, I knew that we, Jimmy and I, had to leave to make it to Constantine in time to set out cones for the walk/run group at 6:30.  I DID NOT WANT TO GO!!!  I whined a little, maybe even cried a little…I was still so tired and the idea that we had to go out in that heat and walk/run seemed like too much.  We did it though, we got the stuff we needed together and hopped into the car by 5:40.  I was still wanting to, and maybe actually doing some whining when we got to the group.  I gave a little moan but set my re-start button and we all got busy!  Within 5 minutes of walking I was feeling better, even jovial.  I was excited to see Jimmy and Tim getting their workout in and I was more than ready when I yelled “RUN” to those who were running in the C25K program.  During the runs and walks I got to talk to a wonderful woman, Cindy, about her day which was much more stressful than mine.  It put my life in perspective and hopefully gave her a sense that someone else cared about the situation she is in.  At the end, we were doing push-ups, squats and planks.  I hated for the night to end.  The point of this story is that I am no different than anyone else, I want to curl up on the sofa and sleep after a full day, I don’t always want to GET MY SWEAT ON but…I am ALWAYS so thankful that I do and sometimes the only way I ensure I’m going to get it done is to meet up with a group!

What are your needs, what are your goals.  Your Turn will do everything in its power to help you achieve them, I hope these examples prove it!

Get Your Sweat On and mark your calendar for the YT DEBUT PARTY!  This Friday night in Kalamazoo from 5:30-7:30, 601 Maple St. at the Girls Scout Council





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