Sunshine Mel

Good morning ladies,

It isn’t very often that I struggle with that good happy GOOD MORNING feeling but today I feel slumped.  I feel sad and almost defeated. I just don’t feel excited or happy or…normal Mel. I am afraid.

What do we do when we feel like this, do we turn to friends for outward encouragement or do we go inward for stillness and peace?

Do I go for a bike ride and allow the movement of my body and the breeze to shift this negative energy or do I make some oatmeal cookies or peach cobbler to soothe my mood?

The shit of it is I have no reason to feel this way.  I am happy in my home life and last night I had an AMAZING YT Group session in St. Joseph Co with a few new women and a few returners.

Runners and Walkers of St. Joseph Co.

Runners and Walkers of St. Joseph Co.

Just looking a this picture is making me feel better 🙂

But, life is like this, one day we can feel on top of the world and the next day we feel as though we’re under it holding it up.  Nothing has physically change, just our emotional state.  Just in writing this out I have decided what I am going to do, I am going to take action.  I am going to ask Molly to watch the boys and I am going for a bike ride.  Then when I get home I am going to make sure up beat music will fill the house loud while the boys and I dance a humidity drop dance and hope that Mother Nature picks up the breeze enough so the swamp like weather dissipates.

Each day we have a choice in how to greet it.  Sometimes on mornings like these it takes more effort to get ourselves in a happy state.  Some days  it takes some creativity to move the negative energy out and the positive energy in.  This sour mood will not win out, sunshine Mel will!

Let’s take on the day and Get Your Sweat On!

Your Turn



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