Succeed Again and Again

Happy Wednesday morning,

What is success?

When Your Turn first began Dawn and I decided that success would be 1 woman who we support toward her health and wellness goal.  Seeing 1 woman succeed because of our support would be SUCCESS.  When we succeeded in supporting 1 woman we decided we wanted to do more and our line in the sand was moved.  Running 1 support group was our next goal; our first C25K was born.  Success was achieved again and again we moved the line in the sand.  We have moved our line in the sand many times since then and now our line is how many women we can get supporting other women, once we see that happening more and more we will have succeeded AGAIN!

Success for each of us as individuals is exactly the same.  We strive to reach a goal, we achieve it and we move that line in the sand.  Success is ever evolving and changing just as we are in life.

When my boys were really little it was so much easier to pack them up and get the to the Y and get my workout in, in the summer.  I couldn’t understand the struggle for other stay at home moms whose kids were school age; now, my kids are all school age and I get what their struggle was so in the summer my line in the sand is moved closer to me.  Come fall, when the kids all go off to school all day again I will be re-evaluating where I am, if I achieved my summer success and what success will look like between autumn and winter.

Last night I had the pleasure of meeting with women in St. Joseph Co. who have been succeeding, have moved the line in the sand and are going for it again!  This is the BEST part of success, the anticipation of it.  I read or heard once about the beauty of impending success, it went something like “most excitement in life is in the anticipation of it, not necessarily in the achievement of it” and I agree.  While I am striving for my success I am eager, excited, on a mission…when I achieve the success it is exciting and I am thrilled but it is shorter lived than when I am in the process.

Summer is coming to a close (at least that’s how I look at it because school will be here in 13 days, not that I’m counting) and my favorite season, Autumn, will be here.  Many women I know will have had successful summers keeping up with their health goals and the time is NOW to begin looking at moving that line in the sand, coming up with what is next.  If you don’t know what to do next, meet up with Your Turn and let us help you, let us connect you to others who are moving their lines and in the beginning stages of striving again.  Reaching out is easy, send an email to or look up our FB page and let us know what you need.  We don’t have to be in your town to support you, we can support you wherever you are but the first step is yours, state your desired success out loud or write it down but most importantly begin the process to succeed again and again!

Get Your Sweat On

Your Turn



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