Are You Killing Your Kid?

Good morning ladies,

Watch out, I’M ON A RANT and I swear!!!

I do not usually watch the news but it was on TV and I couldn’t help but stop dead in my tracks when I heard the report that 1 in 8 PRESCHOOLERS are OBESE!  1 IN 8!!!  The chance of our youngest children developing diabetes, heart disease, and certain types of cancer is 1 IN 8!!!  We’re KILLING our kids!

1 In 8

1 In 8

What the fuck are you going to do about it?

How many friends do you have?  How many children do your friends have?  I have 5 children, my sister has 4 children, my brothers together have 6 children…just us there are 15 children that means that almost 2 of them are at this moment statistically going to die young.  I think I’m going to throw up!  One of the reasons I’m going to be sick is because 1 of those children in that group of 15 I had a hand in creating an obesity crisis.  How did that happen, because during a time my life, from young to 35 I didn’t think about what I ate or what I fed my kids, I didn’t think that it would happen to me.  Totally insane now that I look back but while I was in it, it just didn’t occur to me.  At that time in my life I didn’t surround myself with people who discussed food in a manner that spoke of health.  I knew people who “diet”ed but not that wanted to get healthy and stay that way and even if they were thinking about health (which I cannot remember any that were) it was totally about themselves, certainly not down to the family.  AWARENESS wasn’t there.

Once we have the awareness we move to responsibility.  We, THE MOTHERS and FATHERS, AUNTIES, UNCLES, FRIENDS need to display responsibility and teach it THOUGH OUR ACTIONS!  It’s normal to teach the children in our lives to be responsible to do their homework, put money in a savings account or in their “piggy” but when do we teach PERSONAL HEALTH as a responsible habit?  When do we begin to say, it is RESPONSIBLE to be healthy?

We have a responsibility to teach this even more than any other thing because it is the ONLY thing that we have that is truly ours!!  We can be old and have no money, we can be old and no homework turned in during our school years but WE CAN’T BE OLD if we don’t care for our health or teach the responsibility of health to the children in our lives because THEY WILL BE DEAD!!!

I’m sick to my stomach about the health that we are teaching to take so lightly.  I am sick because we take it for granted and when it’s too late we cry and moan and POOR ME.  Well, we can say that when we are not aware but we can’t say that when we are.  If you’re reading this, you’re aware plenty and NOW IS THE TIME TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY through YOUR ACTIONS!  We cannot have the expectation of a healthy generation of preschoolers if we don’t begin to teach and show what health looks like and acts like.  Many times mothers say, “I can’t take the time for myself, it’s selfish for me to leave work THEN go to the gym or go for a run”.  I want you to know it is selfish NOT to do those things.  We need to begin seeing the actions that we take toward health as teaching responsible living to our family, friends and community not as selfish time wasters.

As I simmer down, I feel just so sad that I had a hand in this obesity crisis for my family, however, I am also thankful that I see now where and what my responsibilities are toward my family, friends and community.  I am thankful to have met wonderful people who are also taking it upon themselves to be an agent for responsible health changes for their family, friends and community.  We are setting the intention that this crisis will dissolve when more and more are aware of what health is and then begin to take actions toward that.

Your Turn



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