Exhausted and Starving

Good Morning,

In our house you were not allowed to say you were starving.  Hungry yes but starving, according to my mother, refers to a person who has had nothing to eat but a cup of rice in the last three days.  Chances are in our house it has been only a few hours since someone had something more than substantial to eat.  I realized another exaggerated word had crept into my vocabulary.  I have been able to convince myself on almost a regular basis that I am EXHAUSTED!  By definition it is a state of extreme physical or mental fatigue. The action or state of using something up or of being used up completely. When my mind tells my body that I am exhausted, I have to ask myself why? Did I chop wood all day? Did I move heavy rocks? Did I start a new exercise routine that required more strength and aerobic energy than ever before? Or was my day just hectic and busy?  This feeling of exhaustion in reality, is my body telling me it craves oxygen, circulation, MOVEMENT!  A Your Turn Inspirator shared with me that in between clients she used to take a 10 minute cat nap.  It never really revived her but she was “tired” so she slept.  She started a beginner Yoga class.  The next week instead of taking her cat nap, she did a few stretches and Yoga moves.  She could not believe the difference in her energy level.  It is important to listen to your body and rest when you need rest.  Listen carefully, try to differentiate between mental and physical fatigue.  Be aware of extreme words (excuses) that sneak into our internal dialogue.  And most importantly…..Get Your Sweat ON!!!!!

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