To the YT Weight Loss Support Group

Brutal Honesty. Here goes…

I want to scream at everyone to just buck up and stop eating shit BUT I just ate too much pizza on Friday night, too many cupcakes on Saturday and cherry syrup on my ice cream on Sunday night.

I want to scream at everyone at how much better we all feel AFTER we have worked up a sweat BUT I didn’t get on the bike and ride this weekend, I gave myself an excuse not to.

I scream inside my own head about how my mood is in DIRECT relationship to my lack of movement but I have done nothing consistent about it because (poor me) my foot is still messed up.

HOWEVER, I know me, I know you…we aren’t meant to be perfect we are meant to strive for perfection.  Reaching perfection would mean death because there’s nothing left to do.  We are on a journey which is has twists and turns in it.  Ladies, honesty about where we currently are is a great place to start or re-start as it is.

See you tonight,

Love Mel



6 thoughts on “To the YT Weight Loss Support Group

    • Two weeks is a long time. Sometimes I wish I can just make it through 1 whole day of good choices. On Monday, I was all about only eating veggies. Green smoothie for breakfast and lunch, fresh picked carrots for a snack, an apple without the peanut butter that usually accompanies it…what did I do around 3pm…stuff 1 piece of pizza in my mouth like a wild woman. Thankfully I got back on track for the rest of the day but seriously, 1 day!

  1. This was the aha moment I needed! We all fall off sometime, but we need to forgive ourselves and move on. We are our own worst critic!

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