I Dare You

I dare you to state a dream, the dream that is in the back of your mind while you are daydreaming, out loud to yourself or another person and begin to act on it!

Stating a dream that seems like a far off mirage to others can feel a bit NUTS, I get that.  When I stated to my husband that I wanted to run a marathon having not yet completed a 5K, he gave me a few reasons while he didn’t think that was a good idea.  I didn’t listen to him and I am so thankful for that!  When Your Turn was at its infancy a personal trainer/fitness instructor informed Jimmy and I that what I was doing wouldn’t last long because I would burn out.  I didn’t listen to him and I am so thankful for that!  When I was told by a few women that Your Turn won’t grow to change the world unless I change the way I dress and the swear words I use, I’m not listening because I am still daring myself to do Your Turn without changing who I am.  I will DARE to follow my dream in a way that feels right to me just like I did with losing my 98 lbs, running a marathon after having not completed a 5K and keeping up with supporting other women in Your Turn even when the going gets rough while occasionally swearing and wearing my hat and leggings.

I dare you to do something that you’ve always been wanting to but have allowed the can’ts to get in your way.  I dare you to make that commitment to yourself that you are going to try regardless of what the outcome may be.  I dare you to stand boldly in front of someone you love and tell them, after hearing all the reasons why you shouldn’t, that you are going to try it anyway!!!  I dare you to challenge that person to begin on the path of their daydream!

I’ve said it before but the ONLY thing that is truly yours is your health, that’s it.  Your children will eventually grow up and move away, your spouse or significant other (like it or not) has the potential to leave you, your friends could do the same, your job could fire you for any reason at any moment; ALL YOU HAVE IS YOUR HEALTH, I dare you to take that seriously!  Commit to giving yourself the time that you need to be healthy.

It’s Friday, there is no better day to begin than this day.  Right now write it out, believe in yourself, commit to that dream and state it out loud!  I DARE YOU!!!

Your Turn





4 thoughts on “I Dare You

  1. I dream about putting on a suit without having a panic attack and learning how to swim at 30-something….also giving up diet coke. Again.

    • Jill, I say we all congregate together and wear our swimming suits without cover-ups for a walk along the beach. Not at night when no one can see us but in the mid-day sun with all the beach spectators. You in?
      I just learned to swim because it was something I didn’t know how to do and I was tired of being called a “cat in water”. You can do it too!!! I believe in you!
      Giving up diet coke can be a breeze IF you cut back a 1/2 soda at a time. Every time you open up a can or a bottle pour 1/2 of it on the ground, on your car battery to clear off the yuck, down the drain. Watch the transformation begin. We have a woman in our YT Weight Loss Support Group who’s goal was to cut back on the diet soda as well. She did it this way and found she didn’t have the headaches she usually would get when she tried to give it up. Give it a whirl and let me know how it goes.
      I love you,

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