What Health is Made Of

Hello ladies (I’d say good morning but it wouldn’t fit as it is now almost 2:30pm),

“I don’t want to race in an IRONMAN! My health doesn’t look like that.”

I get that, I get that not everyone wants to train for a 13 hour workout.  I get that not everyone wants to be a runner.  I get that health means different things to different people.  But, I think I know at least 1 thing that health does look like on ALL people…blueberry picking.

On Tuesday I did what almost every mother needs to be healthy enough to do and it doesn’t consist of competing AT ALL unless you consider “who can fill the bucket first” a competition.  My little boys and I went blueberry picking.  Clarke and I were squatting down under a bush and he said to me, “we’re working our leg muscles, mom”.  He was right.  We were up and down, over and around the bushes from all angles.  We most certainly were giving our legs a workout.  This is what health looks like.

I remembered when Jimmy and I decided to do our 1st home garden.  I told him how much I would LOVE to weed and plant and in my mind I meant it but then the reality hit.  We hauled all the small plants we bought out to the “back 40” as I called it, pulled the hose out there, had the hoe in hand and I knew this was not for me.  I was too fat to do that shit.  All the walking back and forth over uneven ground from the garden to the house, pulling and tugging, bending over…no way!  Not only was I too fat to do all those things but I was also so physically unfit that I was huffin and puffin on the first trip out there.  Thankfully he didn’t say anything, he just brought me a chair and I watched and talked to him while he worked away.

Health doesn’t have to be “workouts” they can be hauling hay for your horses, planting and tending to your garden, picking blueberries with your kids, walking through an amusement park.  I know for a fact that if you aren’t healthy enough to do these types of things that your health can use some work.

Your Turn isn’t just about training for races, pushing yourself to the brink of exhaustion…Your Turn is about what health means to you and that could be blueberry picking.  All you have to do is tell us YOUR health goal and let us support you.

Get Your Sweat On

Your Turn



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