You Didn’t EARN That!

Good morning ladies,

I’m on a soap box so watch out….this is your warning.

I hear so often from people I know or just people talking at the gym about how they EARNED that latte, muffin or drive through meal.  I hear people talking about how they went after a good workout to “refuel” to Starbucks and Big Apple Bagel.  I don’t know if this is just a culture of deserving or what but let’s all be real aware that we don’t ever EARN a doughnut, a salted caramel mocha-latte or whatever the term is for SALT, FAT, SUGAR disguised as a coffee.  We don’t earn those things because we move our body.  Food is not to be earned, food is fuel and those types of foods don’t fuel your body.

So what, if it’s not food, do we earn from moving our body?  We earn the body we see in the mirror.  The current butt I have, I have earned that by NOT being consistent in my weight lifting routine.  The current extra on my hips I have earned by enjoying summer treats and sitting on the porch swing a little too much.

This isn’t to be mean or rude and to be honest whether or not you are eating through the drive-through or not isn’t about me and how I feel about it.  I just want the awareness to be there that earning food in which the main ingredients are fat, sugar and salt isn’t possible. The next time you burn 300 calories at a great fitness class and you hit the paper sack meal or the food from a window meal remember, there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself but you certainly didn’t “EARN” it.

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7 thoughts on “You Didn’t EARN That!

  1. I love the courage you have to post things like that. It is so true. If we want to move we have to change our mind set. I go for fresh flowers or a pedicure to make me feel good, not because I earned it.

  2. I’m a little nervous to write this, but I have to disagree. Food isn’t just fuel. I feel that no one should ever guilt themselves about food and thinking that if it doesn’t benefit my body physically, I must not eat/try it (Let alone ‘earn’ the priveledge of eating). I use to think this way and would beat myself up for eating things that nutritionally speaking, weren’t “Good for me”. I’ve since come to learn food is so much more than just fuel, it’s a privilege to be appreciated! Now, I don’t mean sitting down and eating an entire bag of chips or box of twinkies but for instance, traveling to a new place and sampling something such as a sweet that the baker/cook put time and effort and passion into. This, to me, brings food to a much more appreciative height! I live to travel and I’ve since found the best way to really experience a new place is to eat where the locals eat, may of times at places where their specialties happen to be pizza, or crap cakes, or burgers. Tasting how flavors come together, interacting and getting to know new people and hearing them speak of how proud they are of being know for (whatever food we came to sample) brings food itself to a entirely new level than just fuel for your body – it becomes an enlightening, soul enriching experience! If I never allowed myself to try these things because they ‘weren’t good for me’ I would have missed out on so many of the stories I’ve come to experience just by being in these places! Since I’ve stopped thinking of food as only fuel, I’ve felt that I’ve really enlightened myself, mentally, to experience so much more in life!

    • I agree with you Dana, I LOVE food. I love to try new things. Dawn just recently got back from Sicily and said, “I thought of you here constantly. You need to go there to just eat.”
      My point on this blog wasn’t about eating but instead about eating because they earned it from the movement/exercise they just performed.
      I love eating the wonderful baked goods from Victoria Bakery and do almost every Friday or Saturday morning from either their shop or from the Farmers Market. This isn’t about deprivation, this is about understanding that we can eat to enjoy which is entirely different than considering those foods earned or fuel.
      Thanks for the comment. 🙂

      • Ah! I misunderstood! Although, I do run to be able to eat the not so healthy tidbits that add up over time. It ends up being more of a I’m going to eat this regardless, so what am I going to do to burn the extra calories if I want to keep my weight in check! 🙂

  3. I think balance is key. Enjoy the doughnut because you want the doughnut. But I feel the problem is when it is connected to exercise. I workout because it makes me feel good, makes me feel like I can conquer the world! But if a friend invites me out for ice cream, I will go whether or not I worked out that day.

  4. Dana, I agree with you. I spent many years labeling food as “good or bad” and obviously only eating the “good” category. That is just as bad as overeating and indulging on less than nutritional food. I have retrained my brain and would be so sad if I never tried that salted caramel ice cream I was eyeing or the ribs my mom made on the 4th. But when I am laying low, I try to maintain a healthy balance.

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