Good morning,

I am writing this on Saturday after seeing a post from a friend about being a hero.  The post was a picture of a soldier who was physically changed by what I assume to be war.  I looked at the picture of his face, 1 eye seemed to be either missing or very badly damaged, his face was scarred and I could imagine what the body looked like under the clothes.  He is most definitely a hero.

Even as I saw the picture of this man I had the thought that we don’t need to be physically marred to be a hero.  I believe everyone who is moving through life is a hero.  Heroism that you can see on the outside is often given more credit to but to all of us who are striving to be good people, going through daily life challenges are equally as heroic.  I have a dear friend who is a recovering alcoholic.  She told a man of this and of a few struggles she went through during her days of alcoholism (she did this for a specific reason); the man who she was telling I do not consider to be non-judgmental, but she did it…she is a hero to me.  A girl who tells of being sexually abused by a family member is a hero to me.  A woman who tells her husband that she is going to take time for herself every single day and that he will need to help her more around the house and with the children is a hero to me.

Heros come in many shapes, sizes and scars.  Some scars, like the man in the FB post you can see from the outside but many scars are unnoticeable through the skin.  As we move through each day we judge, critique and praise based solely upon what we see from the outside.  If we adopt this notion that each person walking through life is a hero then maybe we can put down some of those judgments, critiques and praises and just see each other as equal heros; this is for the man on the corner with a sign needing money, to the woman buying large amounts of soda and snacks with a Bridge card, to the man in a business suit who has an arrogant walk.  We don’t know their heroic story just as they don’t know ours.

As I continue through my life of ugly deeds, amazing feats of kindness, hokey pokey beliefs and occasional bouts of boundless joy I know I am a hero.  I would love to hear how you feel you are a hero because I know if you are alive enough to read this you are one.

Happenings This Week:


6:30 pm – Weight Loss Support Group – At Your Turn Office on Westnedge – Part 3 of the series begins tonight, we focus this part on Movement for Weight Loss


6:00 pm – C25K Constantine – At Sweetland Stadium in Constantine


C25K Kalamazoo – At Bronson Athletic Club

6:30 pm – Try a TRI – At Jeremy’s in Vicksburg – Bike/Run


1:30 pm – Try a TRI – At Prairie View Park – Swim/Run

Get Your Sweat On

Your Turn



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