Check Your Attitude

Good morning ladies,

Sometimes I feel like all I have is my attitude; I either make dinner with a good attitude or bad attitude, I either get the boys MORE chocolate milk with a pissy attitude or a giving attitude, I either show up to a YT program with a loving attitude or an attitude of judgement.  It’s all in the attitude.

The shit of it is sometimes I can’t seem to control my attitude.  There are times I am in such an attitude of laughter that I am just not able to listen. Other times I come into a situation where my attitude is all about “last time you were super shitty to me” and even though I want to be in an attitude of kindness, I can’t seem to get there.  Literally right now, I am trying to have an attitude of humor but Walter is pitching a fit on my legs, punching the blankets around me and my attitude is changing to an attitude of ferocity.

Before I go to bed every night I try to get into an attitude of thankfulness; sometimes I just think about the comfort of my pillow, sometimes is the emptiness of my bladder, some nights I rest my hand on Jimmy’s arm and find myself filled with love and affection.  Making sure I go through this process right before I go to sleep helps me to wake up in an attitude of gratefulness.  Even before I open my eyes I feel my pillow again and thank it for holding my head all night long.  When I open my eyes I see the trees out the window and I give them thanks for being so beautiful and for supporting the air that I breathe.  I try to wake up before the kids so I can be thankful for the quiet…all these things help me to start my day off with a good attitude filled with thanks and kindness.

But let’s face it…then the house wakes up and I have to make everyone breakfast and do dishes and get this or that going and I have to check in with myself.  I used to forget to check in and all of a sudden it was dinner and I was a pissed monster, so now I set my phone alarm for different times during the day.  The message that comes up is…stop, look around and find something beautiful.  Just that helps remind me of who I am, where I want to be and how I want to live my life.

Take a minute to set an alarm for yourself today that is your reminder to check your attitude.  Make your reminder is to tell yourself you are beautiful.  Make your alarm set to a funny ring tone that makes you giggle automatically.  The techology today can be such a great helper if we just use it.  What are you going to have your alarm say to you that help you check in with your attitude.  Post it on here or on our FB page.  Let’s see how creative we can get!

Get Your Sweat On and take time to check in with yourself today!

Your Turn



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