Daily Work

Good morning ladies,

It is an early morning for me, it is 4:45 am as I begin to type this out.  I just absolutely LOVE being awake before the kids.  I know that I can get whatever I want to get done for myself right now.  Ahhh, Monday’s are so great!!!

Over the past few weeks I have been doing this workbook called Soul Coaching.  Each day it has me doing something or 3 somethings to clear out old patterns, look to what I truly want in my life and see myself where I am right now.  I just love learning about myself and coming to a deeper awareness of what I want my life to look like, feel like and be like.  Today the lesson is all about seeing how you carry your body, imagine that how you carry your body is how others view you…what do you want to project into the world.  Because it’s 4 ish in the morning I can’t exactly ask anyone else what they see so I asked myself what I think I convey in the way I carry myself…I think my body speaks confidence, self-assured, compassion, strong.  A few words that didn’t come to mind were kindness and happy…I was surprised by that.

It’s Monday, you probably have a “busy” (stop using that word) day ahead of you but I would like it if you took time out today and did this page with me.  You can think about the answers or write them out in a journal or leave them as a comment on this blog page.

  1. What does your body say about you?
  2. What does the way you carry your body say about you?
  • Think about just how you look, if you don’t know look at yourself in the mirror.  Does a smile come naturally to your face, do you have a permanent scowl between your eyes…How about the way you walk, are you up with your shoulders back or is your head hanging low and you are slouching…

The way we carry ourselves sends signals to our brain about how we feel.  I’ve said this in a blog post before but if you need to change a mood…get dressed up, put make-up on, paste a smile to your face and walk with your head held high.  Those things that have nothing what so ever to do with your mood will turn a “get out of my way morning” into a “why don’t we just sit and have a nice latte” kind of day.  If you can’t see yourself through the eyes of others then ask a friend or family member to give you feed back about what they see when they see you.  The trick there is to tell them to be honest!

Last thing to do is:  Check in with yourself throughout the day and see if you are still carrying yourself the way you want others to view you. Take a few minutes each hour or every 2 hours and see yourself through the eyes of others again.  Do you have a smile now, are you speaking in anger into your phone, are your legs wide open while you are sipping on a bottle of booze with a paper bag around it….hmmm 🙂  No judgement, just take notice and tweak where you want to.

I hope your Monday is exceptional!!!

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2 thoughts on “Daily Work

  1. This is 1st vacation that we didn’t bring any junk food. Biked 4mil around Mack.Island, 2+ mil interior up/down hills, walked around 2miles worth after that.

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