Good morning ladies,

Watching the ladies who are participating in the YT Try a TRI training group on Wednesday night working on their swimming technique inspired me to get to the Kalamazoo City Pool and get my swim on.  The Kik Pool is a 50 instead of a 25 meter (I think) pool and I didn’t realize that it would be more challenging for me to do that (If you’ve been following me at all you know that swimming isn’t my strong suit).  I am used to swimming 500 meters (I think it’s meters not yards) in the YMCA pool but I didn’t realize how much I utilize the kick off part of pool swimming every 25.

Anyway, I’m in this pool (first time for lap swimming there) and I have to share a lane with an older (I think due to his grey chest hair) gentleman who was swimming rather slowly.  I was thinking to myself, “man, I’m sure I can swim faster than he does” (competition is always on my mind) which was hidden behind my kind smile as I asked if we could share.  I get myself in, try to push the water out of the way, as I usually do every time I get into a pool (I somehow think it will help me get less wet), pull my goggles down over my eyes and I push off from the side of the pool.  About 1/2 way down the length of the pool I realize something is different; I LOVE the sun on my back and the look of the sky as I turn my head to take my gaspy breath but this is taking a WHILE!  I finally get to the end and get to turn around, I push back off and head back to where I started from.  “Holy Shit”, I’m thinking, “No, don’t think that, you’re doing fine”.  “OMG, I just might drown”, I think, “No, you’re great.  You can do this; there are life guards watching your every stroke”.  As I am thinking all these thoughts the grey chest hair man passes me FOR THE SECOND TIME!!!  “Nope, nope; that’s cool.  The old dude can swim, I love that.  He must be in really great shape, OR YOU ARE A TOTAL LOSER”, I think to myself.

I know, I know, stop thinking to myself right.

The fact of the matter is we are ALL the loser in something, it’s impossible to be a winner or the best or smoothest or greatest in everything we attempt to do.

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”~ Albert Einstein

I could have continued down that rabbit hole of ugly thoughts or I could realize that this grey chest hair guy smoothly swimming next to me probably isn’t great at dealing with as many kids as I deal with on a daily basis.  This grey chest hair guy probably doesn’t spend his time wanting to inspire other women to live up to their potential.  This grey chest hair guy probably isn’t a master of looking at himself in the mirror in the morning with bad breath, red blotchy spotted face and random long chin hairs that need to be plucked YESTERDAY and telling himself “I LOVE YOU THE MOST IN THE WHOLE WORLD, I THINK YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL TODAY”.  This grey chest hair guy was definitely better at swimming laps in the city pool but chances are he wasn’t when he first started and that’s what I was doing, just starting.

The rest of my swim, 600 meters (or yards, I really don’t know), was filled with me thinking, “roll your hips as you reach long and lean” and “lead with the elbow” and “you are doing amazingly well for your first time here”.

In my own first 100 meter or yard embarrassment I could have said, “fuck it” and gotten out but instead I allowed myself to be the loser of the lane and I kept on going because I know he wasn’t even thinking about me.  I needed to stick it out if I want to be that good one day (hopefully before my chest hair turns grey).

Just so you know, there’s no shame in being the loser as long as you don’t quit there.

Get Your Sweat On!

Your Turn




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