Mutual Respect

Good morning friends,

My family and I had a wonderful time on vacation.  My favorite part of any time I get to spend with my sister and her family is watching the cousins play with each other; no matter how old they get they still seem to have such silly fun together.

There was a time in my life I couldn’t have imagined spending time with my sister for fun.  She and I were NOTHING alike, liked NOTHING similar and saw the world through very different eyes.  When in the company of my sister I would spend all my time judging her, criticizing her and making stuff up in my mind that she was thinking about me (I spent too much time overall on that point).  It was easier to not be around her than to feel like shit when I was.

It’s certainly not like that anymore.  I think we still lead pretty different lives but it doesn’t matter because I realized we both want the same things; a healthy body, a healthy family, to know we are loved and supported, connections for ourselves and for our children, and mutual respect.  What I’ve discovered over the evolution of our relationship is that we don’t have to be alike at all we just have to respect each others differences and build a strong connection over the things we do both desire.

Sisters Walter Michelle and Fire Kayaking Family Love Family Boating Cousins 12 Cousins Cousins 11 Cousins 10 Cousins 9 Cousins 8 Cousins 7 Cousins 6 Cousins 5 Cousins 4 Cousins 3 Cousins 2 Clarke and Mommy

What a great lesson for all of us, respect each others differences and build connections over the things we similarly desire.  I think I may have just written my new life moto.

I’ve been out of the loop so I’m not going to list happenings of the week, I will get in touch with that side of Your Turn and do a re-post later in the day.

Happenings Today:

Monday- YT Weight Loss Support Group – 6:30 pm @ Your Turn Office on Westnedge Ave – End of session 2, weight in and measure.

Get Your Sweat On

Your Turn




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