Dance In Your Underwear!

Good morning ladies,

There are times in your life or in your week or in your day when you just have to make the choice to turn that frown upside down and jam out in your underwear in the kitchen.  It’s summer and my kids are all over me to either “just give me 10 more minutes of Minecraft on You Tube” said by Clarke, answering the phone at 2:37 am from Alex saying “Tyler was supposed to bring me home but he left without me”, “I hate you more than any other person alive” screamed from Molly, “please buy me one more…..” coming from the mouths of Pryor and Walter.  Good lord have mercy!!!  During all of these I just want to have my own summer vacation on my own island with a stack of “summer books” and a cabana boy serving me my ice cold water and green smoothie that doesn’t suck.

I have no wisdom to give other than to turn the music you love on screeching loud and dance!  Dance while you do the dishes, dance while they crawl up your legs, dance while they beg for more breakfast or lunch or snack or just MORE FOOD, dance while you throw another load into the washer or dryer.  It may not be lifting weights or an hour long zumba class but its something to get the blood pumping and the smiles flowing (at least on your own face).

If you’re feeling like me today just DANCE!!!

Happy Wednesday, Get Your Sweat On!

Your Turn



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