Time To Venture

Good morning ladies,

I feel on fire due to an amazing experience this week with a runner.  I was able to support her to push out of her comfort zone and I LOVE THAT!!!

The comfort zone is a tricky spot because it feels so good to be there (for the most part anyway).  Comfort zones, we think, make us safe and secure and protected because for it to be a comfort zone we have to have been there for quite some time.  There are people who feel more comfortable in abusive relationships, alcoholism, obesity and “busy”; complacency  in our lives.  You may be thinking, shut up Mel, I have a great life, I love what I do and who I do it with…that too, my friends may be a comfort zone that you need to edge out of.

Out of the Box

Any time we are stuck in the same pattern, day after day, week after week, year after year is a COMFORT ZONE and to be in that space you are just treading water.  The water you tread may be choppy, easy and smooth as a lazy river or tidal waver after tidal wave; the type of water doesn’t matter.  What matters is if you can see the same pattern of your life over and over then you aren’t stretching yourself and that means you are just going through the motions of life.  Comfort Zones Suck!


You are meant to feel the RUSH of newness, the THRILL of childlike joy, the EXCITEMENT of fear that tickles your tummy in a way that says, “OMG, I can’t believe I am doing this” but you sort of love it!  If you aren’t feeling any of those things on a DAILY or at a minimum WEEKLY basis then you need to try something new.  See, these rushes in life don’t have to be picking up and moving to Tahiti they can be as simple as buying yourself a $6 chocolate truffle.  Rushes in life can be as easy as taking the stairs two at a time like when you were a kid.  Rushes in life can be as normal as putting your every day dinner on your best dishes and pulling out the special glasses to just drink water or juice out of with your family.  My mother-in-law sets an “event” table setting every Sunday and we all pretend we are somewhere exotic or on the first airplane ride or that we are in a garden.  She always has a story at the table that she reads to us that puts us in the mood, it is such a cool thing as we are eating tacos or chicken pot pie to feel like we are somewhere new.

A comfort zone isn’t all bad, there are great parts of being comfortable in your life BUT so many of us have taken that to a level that doesn’t allow for any new or exciting adventures even if they are at your own kitchen table.  If you can look at your day to day life and see nothing but sameness day after day then you NEED to venture out of the box.


It’s Friday, the weekend…plenty of time to venture.

Get Your Sweat On

Your Turn



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