The Choice is a Bitch

Good morning ladies,

I just love having the daily opportunity to encourage women to reach for their dreams, to push a little harder, to be a little kinder to themselves and others but on Saturday I had an equally amazing opportunity to encourage a woman to NOT run.  We’ll call her Carol for shits and giggles :); Carol joined with YT back in December of last year to train for the Gazelle Girl 1/2 Marathon.  She finished the 1/2 Marathon strong, kept up a running routine and began weight training;  2 weeks ago she ran a 10K and came in first  in her age group (due to her enhanced nature, lol, if you know her ask her).  She set her mind on running the Kalamazoo Klassic 10K over this past weekend, she trained on the HILL of DOOM and felt ready.  When I met up with her on Saturday morning she was uncertain, not about her ability but about her knee.  She was in pain, she was having a hard time walking but she was trying to convince me and her that she should run that race.

“I’m not a quitter”, “I may have to walk most of it”, “Don’t wait on me because it’s going to take me a while to finish this”.  She didn’t want to look like a quitter, she didn’t want to be thought of as a wussy…she paid for this race, damn it, she was going to run it.  These things were coming out of her mouth as she was struggling to walk up Maple Hill.

Who doesn’t know what she was going through.  She didn’t want the guilt of not running.  She didn’t want to disappoint me.  She wanted to be superwoman even through her pain.  We all love strong women, right, we all love the woman who can do anything, overcome any obstacle, be the best she can be…but, at the expense of what?  For Carol, on Saturday, it could have been at the expense of the rest of the races she wants to do this year, at the expense of a serious injury.  Pride and ego or pain and injury…the choice is a bitch!

At that moment it would have been easier for her to run in pain than to say she wasn’t going to run.  I am proud to announce that she put her pride aside and instead she stood on the curb and we cheered together for a few hours.  If we care for our body and treat it properly we have many years of racing ahead, if we choose to put our pride in the forefront it may be for that one day only.  She made a good call.

Happenings this Week:

Monday – 6:30pm – Weight Loss Support Group – Your Turn Office

Tuesday – 6:30pm – Moving Forward Group, move forward for 2 miles to 6 miles- Maple St. YMCA – JUST SHOW UP!

Thursday – 6:30pm – TRI Training, Bike/Run – Vicksburg

Sunday – 1:30pm – TRI Training, Swim/Run – Prairie View Park

Get Your Sweat On

Your Turn



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