When They’re Ready

Good morning ladies,


You know, you just CAN’T make someone want what you want them to want, that’s really quite the pisser.  We can MAKE some people do what we want, when we want.  We can do that by offering them compensation or a bribe or even punishment or consequences but we can’t make them WANT it necessarily.   So when WE want those people in our lives to DO what we want them to do because we think it is for their own good we can only model that behavior.  It’s why they say to parents something to the effect of do what you want your children to do, don’t just tell them…OHHH, it’s “Do what I say not what I do” hmmm….A little backwards I would say…we want people to be kind and generous so that’s what we need to show, kindness and generosity.  We want people to be healthy so we need to model what our version of healthy looks like and acts like.  When we want the world, you know I’m still thinking BIG, to support each other we need to model supporting other people and that looks different coming from different people.

A woman and I were doing an online chat thing last night and she mentioned supporting her brothers to better health and what hit me was she ALREADY IS doing it by being supportive and loving and showing them what a healthy lifestyle looks like.  She can want them to want it all day long but until they are ready to be healthy she can only just keep being it herself.  Healthy isn’t just eating vegetables and moving your body, it’s telling others that you like yourself, it’s being able to take a compliment with a thank you, it’s telling them about what you just did for your health that day and leaving it at that.  When THEY are ready they will know where to come.

This concept, the one of acceptance of where someone else is on their health and wellness journey is the most challenging for those of us who want the rest of their family, friends, community, county, state (I’m sure you get my point) to be healthy.  We want them all to feel great about themselves and send the love outward; we do this by modeling that behavior NOT by telling them to do it NOW!!!  It just can’t be that way if we want it to last.  Each person has to be ready for their own health and when they are they will come to the healthy ones they are drawn to who were kind when they were not healthy.  They will reach out to those healthy ones who gave love and understanding BEFORE they decided to make a lifestyle change.

Be the kindness today.  Be the listener and the one who understands.  Remember, there is always someone who is ahead of you on the health journey; if you want others to understand where you are then you need to understand where another is coming from.  I just love and kindness, don’t you just love being loving?  There is nothing greater in the world than to be that kind and loving person and to know others who are equally as kind and loving.  I just LOVE LOVE!!!  Love to you!

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