Good morning ladies,

I swear all I want to do is smile!  I just finished putting Cyndi’s Ab Challenge video up on FB and I cannot stop smiling.  I am smiling because all I want to do or be in life is an inspiration.  I LOVE knowing that I may have inspired you to do something that you didn’t think you could do or think you even wanted to do.  I think why I love it so much is because I am so inspired every day all day long.  I am inspired by the fact that my husband is always willing to give to me, the kids, his employer, to me…I am inspired by my teenagers and their zest for selfishness, they never seem to feel bad about asking for anything.  They could look me right in my face and ask me for what seems to be the moon and they are in awe when I tell them that I can’t or won’t or what have you.  They inspire me to be that selfish, that willing to ask for whatever.  I am inspired by my little boys and their desire to be silly all day every day.  They are willing to be silly regardless of who is around.  Their minds don’t yet go to what is appropriate unless they are told and I’ll tell you I don’t tell them very often because I LOVE their spirit, I just love their silly.  I love how they are uninhibited by life yet, I want to be like that…I am inspired to be like that!!!

During the week I seem to be surrounded by women.  Do you know that not too long ago I would have told you how much I didn’t like women.  I found them to be too much for me, I spent more of my time with boys (go figure).  Now I just love women, I am so inspired by them.  I am inspired by the strength we possess, I am inspired by our willingness to go the extra mile, I LOVE and am most inspired by women who are unafraid to ask; I mean ask for stuff, ask for support, ask questions.  I love it and am inspired by the woman who says she doesn’t’ know because there is such strength in that honesty.

Your Turn has a new group of women together to train for a triathlon.  Yesterday we met at Prairie View Park and swam for 10 minutes then ran up to where the transition area will be.  Only 1 of the women in the group has ever done a TRI and only 1 other has watched one and yet…here they are….ready to tell me that they just don’t know something and they are willing to learn, not even are willing to learn but are eager to learn how to do this.  I think to when I was a kid in school and the teacher would say, “if you have a question raise your hand”.  I used to think, “are you shitting me, I am NOT raising my hand just so I can be laughed at and thought of as stupid because I don’t know or don’t understand”.  The one kid who would…what guts, I always loved that kid because that kid always seemed to be asking the question that I needed an answer to.

We don’t need to know everything to be an inspiration, sometimes we are the best inspiration when we don’t know.

Happenings This Week:


10am – Your Turn Gathering – Maple St. YMCA – Just Show Up, you do NOT need to be a member of the Y to attend.


5:30pm – Your Turn Golf – Red Arrow Golf Course in Kalamazoo – Just Show Up, we will have as many groups as we need to. $5 to play.


6:30pm – Your Turn TRI – Bike/Run – If you are interested in participating please let me know.  Shoot me an email at or look us up on FB and message me.

6:30pm – C25K – Last night of training before the Kalamazoo Klassic 5K and 10K

7:30pm – Hill Training – Maple St. YMCA – We are running Maple Hill, we meet outside in the front of the building.


7:30am and 9am – YT Cheerleading Opportunity – Come support and cheer on our runners who are participating in this race @ Maple St. YMCA for the Kalamazoo Klassic.


1:30pm – YT TRI – Swim/run – Prairie View Park – Just Show Up

Get Your Sweat On!

Your Turn



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