Grow New Limbs

Good morning ladies,

Oh how I love to listen to audio books and read books when the author tells me how wonderful I am, how wonderful anyone listening or reading is.  I love to contemplate what I will do when someone gives me permission to do or be or have anything that trips my fancy.  It makes my spirit soar when I am in the space of believing all is possible!

Do you know of anyone who has ever told a tree how tall to grow or how many limbs to have or how many leaves to produce?  A tree just does what it is meant to do, grow as big as it is meant to, developed its shape without any hindrances.  For those of us cat lovers, imagine telling your cat to stop its natural instincts of being a prowler (even if you have them in the home) and to stop attacking your feet as you walk by.  They do what they are meant to do and because of that they are such independent happy creatures, it is only when we attempt to stifle them that they act out.  When we were born, before everyone else began to place expectations upon us we were perfect creatures, we cried when we felt to or wanted something, we slept the amount of time we needed without being told we should sleep more or sleep less (even if we were told we didn’t change our behaviors).  As we grew we took on the expectations of others, from  our parents or siblings, then friends, teachers, partners employers…the list goes on and on to where we now believe we are each supposed to sleep for exactly 8 hours each night, take in a specific amount of water, eat specific foods, go here, do that…we stopped growing based upon what others wanted, we stopped our personal natural instincts to make ourselves fit into a mold that makes others happy and content.  We lost ourselves and gained pieces of those who influenced us.

Last night I was with a group and they were deciding whether or not they wanted to try a triathlon.  One of the women in the group was not having any of it, I could tell in her face that this was NOT her dealio.  Her nose would scrunch up, her eyes would get squinty or too big…THIS was NOT for her and I knew it AND YET…I wanted to convince her to give it a try.  As I am thinking of her now as she stuck to her guns last night I am immensely proud of her.  She is NOT getting in that water and she was not going to be convinced to do something that she felt that strongly about NOT doing.  Now part of me wanted to say and did say, “you may like it and you don’t know it”.  Part of me truly believes that but the other part of me, the knowing part of me knows it is NOT for her (by the way she may do the duathlon which is run bike run instead).  She has an internal knowing at this time that getting into lake water would not bring her joy, good for her!

As I write this I can hear my mind telling me how we should try new things though, we should be willing but there is a fine line between being willing because of others and some internal willingness because it feels right to you.

Moving back to who you really are, moving back to who I really am takes courage, however I am absolutely positive that as we sprout new branches and grow a few more inches, put on a few extra leaves than last season it will be worth it.

Get Your Sweat On

Your Turn



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