What We Tell Ourselves

Hello ladies,

I am SO EXCITED to have a computer again so I can write the blog!!!

Last week was absolutely AWESOME for me.  I found myself dancing in the car while singing loudly with the windows down, yucking it up with friends and a few times with total strangers just because I had so much joy in me I couldn’t keep it to myself.  The absolute BEST part of it though was the re-discovery that the reason I was feeling SO HIGH was because I was keeping aware of my thoughts.  Each time I had a momentary slip and I would begin to worry or find myself in a conversation with someone who wasn’t in a happy spot I GOT OUT.  Sometimes physically I removed myself from that space but other times when it was more in my head I did this thing called S O D A, which is Stop, Observe, Detach and take Action.

When I would find myself thinking, “you’re not going to beat your last year race time” I would IMMEDIATELY change that to “you will do the ABSOLUTE best you can, you are totally prepared”.  When I found myself in a conversation with someone who was ready to bitch I would excuse myself and step away, literally I did that 3 times last week.  I wasn’t eating fiber for the whole week leading up to the race and as I was enjoying and even at times making love to a croissant and felt like I should feel badly about the butter and sugar in that puppy but I instead developed a mantra “I love food and it loves me, this is making me a size 6”.

Last week was one of the happiest weeks ever and nothing new or extra special happened other than I changed my line of thinking.  I turned everything into a positive and I was glee filled!!!  I had no guilt about what I didn’t do, I only enjoyed the things I did do.  I criticized myself less and loved my quirks more.  I expected less of my children and amazingly enough they gave me more.

I don’t know what this week has in store for me but I do know that I am going to put my best effort in the most important place… looking through my rose colored glasses.  Call me Polly Anna, call me CRAZY, call me a lunatic…I don’t mind because I have discovered the trick of life…HAPPY THOUGHTS!!!

Have a GREAT MONDAY and Get Your Sweat On!

Your Turn



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