Good Morning,

This morning I decided to share a few of the many emails that I have received recently from  Your Turn inspirators. I hope that they inspire you as much as they do me.

So today, I came home knowing we had  to go to a meeting @ 6:00. In the past I would have just sat around and killed an hour and we would have gone.Today I came home @ 4:30 and told my husband I “had” to work out. I promised I would only take 30 minutes plus a quick shower.Well I went out and hit my one mile mark about 3 miles early, headed home and ended up getting home 4 minutes faster than ever before.Cleaned up , we made our meeting and I felt fabulous because I had made time for me and fit it in without messing up our other obligations.I think today is the first time I actually “got it”. It is OK to insist on time for me. I’m 56 years old, I’ve raised 4 phenomenal kids and I never really made time for me.Even this old dog can learn new tricks. It is 4 hours later and I’m still feeling kind of feisty!

We ate the radish, we liked it!  I brought carrots and pea pods to work today for my snack!  I am concentrating on healthy eating!

Hey! I wanted to tell you something: today I went to work, very tired from the week. One of my clients didn’t show up. Usually if that happens I will set my alarm and grab a catnap. It never really refreshed me, but I enjoyed the rest. Today I decided to do some yoga instead. I focused ones that give increased spinal blood flow and helped with energy. What a difference!! I had enough energy to finish the day, go grocery shopping, and do laundry,!! I have learned what my body really needs is movement most of the time instead of rest…..although I still love my restful nights’ sleep!!

I am replying back so you won’t feel like no one is reading your emails 🙂 (That is truly one of my favorites!)

Tonight is the Kalamazoo Girls on The Run 5K.  This is a wonderful opportunity to pay it forward! There will be many girls that will not have family coming to cheer for them.  You may say it to 500 girls that pass “You are doing great! Keep Going! You Can Do It!” There will be one girl that hears your voice and believes your words for the first time in her life.

Get Your Sweat On



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