Take the Opportunity

Good morning ladies,

Wake up EXCITED that you have this opportunity to make someone smile.  Wake up ENTHUSIASTIC because you could tell a person they are beautiful (maybe that person should be YOU telling YOU in the mirror).  Wake up EAGER to show someone you love them.  Wake up EUPHORIC because you have another day to be the person you always wanted to be.

Why should you feel any of these things…BECAUSE YOU WOKE UP!!!

Get up and take on the day!  Get up and know that you have boundless opportunities if you just open your eyes to them!  Get up and hop, skip or jump your way to the coffee pot or the potty!  Get up and feel that today is a new day that you can choose to make GREAT!!!

Why should you do any of these things…BECAUSE THE YOU CAN!!!

Start today by telling yourself that you are BEAUTIFUL!  Start today tickling your children awake and see how it changes their day!  Start today with a healthy breakfast feeding your body the fuel it needs to have an excellent day!  Start today sending a text of gratitude to someone who has helped you!

Why should you act on any of these things…BECAUSE THEY WILL MAKE YOUR SMILE BRIGHTER!!!

If you feel, do or act on any of these things your day will start off a little brighter than if would have otherwise.  I intend on having an AMAZING day, I trust you will too!!!

Get Your Sweat On

Your Turn



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