Cheers: Raised Bum

Good morning ladies,

Up this morning at 6:16 am wishing I could go back to sleep.  The last few days for me have been full of unexpected errands, chores, illness, drama…I’m not a big fan of unexpected unless it’s an unexpected Edible Arrangement at my door OR an unexpected visit from a friend and we are able to just sit on the porch swing with tea in hand and a refreshing breeze.  Anyway, I get up, made it to the potty to unexpectedly notice the re-new (I say that because I have been through this before.  I had the buns and legs of my dreams but I lost focus and the weight and dimples came back) look to my buns and upper legs in the mirror 🙂 well, hello nice body!!!  As many of you know my waist or belly isn’t my issue, my body issue is with the top 1/3 of my lower half.  When I gain weight that’s where it heads off to and when I lose weight or re-shape that’s one of the last places hit.

I have been consistently, for 8 weeks (other than 2 days) getting in my planned workouts and I am finally seeing a difference.  I have only lost a few pounds but my body is heading back to the way I am most excited about it and I feel a huge sense of accomplishment.  The accomplishment I feel isn’t just because my body is going back but because I haven’t given up in these 8 weeks when I wasn’t seeing any changes.  I kept making my workouts a priority even when I didn’t want to very much, I kept getting into the weight room and grunting and groaning with heavy plates on the bar for my squats, lunges and good mornings.  I kept monitoring my food consumption with the FULL AWARENESS that what I wanted would come and I was not going to moan and groan about it not coming fast enough.  This morning I have a raised bum and an enormous sense of pride.

I, like many other women in the world, have lost a substantial amount of weight.  Worked and sweated my way to the body of my dreams only to let an injury set me off course.  I gained 15-17 of the pounds back and they went straight to my thighs and bum.  During the time I was gaining I kept telling myself, it’s not a big deal…you’re busy with other things that are very important to you…you could take this weight off with no problem, easy peasy…  NOT… Losing the weight, getting the body back is possible but it does take commitment and effort.  I have been trying and re-trying since the new year.  I didn’t gain the real commitment back until I started the Your Turn Weight Loss Support Group, knowing that we are all watching each other makes such an enormous difference.  We are all cheerleaders and supporters of each others goals and I don’t want to let me or them down.  We are a tribe.

It’s so easy for women who haven’t ever had weight issues to say, just eat less and move more.  Getting to optimal health and wellness and staying there is so much more than that.  I am adding to my list this morning of raised bum, sense of pride and a feeling of thankfulness and support.  This blog is to you, Inspirators of Weight Loss Support, Cheers to staying the course!!!

Now on to business:

Back in February Your Turn St. Joseph Co decided to take on quite a task.  They offered to run a 5K race AND C25K Training Program to benefit Domestic and Sexual Abuse Services.  YT hadn’t ever taken on a 5K race, we didn’t know what we were in for but we made a commitment to doing our best.  They have worked many hours to make this happen and tomorrow is the BIG DAY!!!  So far we have raised in upwards of $1200 to benefit a great cause

If you have time tomorrow morning and want to support an organization that supports other women in need PLEASE SHOW UP, SIGN UP and walk or run this 5K race.  Can’t walk or run that far, that’s cool, come give YT some support by cheering for the people that are running and walking.  Can’t show up at all then by all means feel free to give a donation anyway.  Thanks in advance!

Now…Get Your Sweat ON

Your Turn



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