Gift Giver of Health

Good morning ladies,

We need to stop thinking that our own personal health is only for us.  Do you know that when you take your health into consideration and succeed in a plan you aren’t just improving your health, you are improving the health of all those who are watching you.  I’m not saying if you run a 5k then someone else you know who hasn’t ever run before can run a 5k that same day.  However, you are giving what it takes before they commit to training for a 5k, thought.  When someone watches you succeed in a health and wellness plan it gives them thought.  All things begin with thought, you are giving them a beginning.

Have you noticed the people you are around typically do the same things as you do?  Why do you think that is?  Because we gravitate toward those who have similar thoughts put forth into similar actions.  When you change your thoughts you either begin the shift in your social culture or you shift into another social culture.  It is the way of the world.

We, Your Turn, talk a lot about selfishness, yes it is selfish to take time for yourself FIRST and I LOVE that!  But, as much as I love that I also love how YT Inspirators are beginning to notice what their selfishness has done.  At our YT Weight Loss Support Group a woman was talking about the change she made for herself has supported change in a family member who lives STATES away from us.  She spoke of the change in her children, grandchildren and how the community has started a walking group JUST BECAUSE she and another YT Inspirator began to do things for their health.  The other Inspirators in the room began to talk about how their change has brought about changes in others and how they were changed because…..the conversation just rolled.  They understand how their health is changing their culture, changing the culture in others changes their culture and the world begins to shift and change.

If you struggle with the idea of being selfish, taking time for yourself, giving yourself back your health I implore you to STOP AND THINK about it in another way.  Put away the idea of your own selfishness and instead begin to think you need to support change in your social culture, your family culture.  Think about yourself as such an amazing giver that you are giving your time to you because you are giving someone else permission to think of their health and wellness.  You taking time for you is really quite a gift to another person.  You are just so damn kind, I LOVE THAT!!

Go out there today, take time for yourself because you AREN’T selfish, you are a gift giver of health to the culture that you are in.

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