Good morning ladies,

Happy Mothers Day, yesterday, to all the moms out there.  I received the gift I wanted, all my kids home with me.  We played cards, Molly painted my toe nails, the little boys and I snuggled.  We all ate together and the oldest two cleaned up after each meal (sort of).  Jimmy filled the house with my FAVORITE foods, which he has either now thrown in the trash and covered them so I won’t eat any more of them or taken them into work 🙂

Being a mom isn’t at all what I thought it was going to be when I was 20 years old and pregnant with my first son.  At that time I KNEW how brilliant he would be and how easy parenting would be.  Fast forward 18 years and 4 more kids and I am a nit wit when it comes to parenting and my children aren’t society’s standards of brilliance even though I do think they have great potential to be perfectly perfect in whatever their chosen area is.  In my real mom life I struggle with loving each child as they need it, which isn’t the same as how I want to love them.  I feel I spend so much time trying to make the “right” decision for them because, “well, you are mine and I think I know a little more than you do”, not that they listen at all.  I don’t spend near enough time listening to what their version of “right” is because it’s exhausting.

As a mom I laugh and joke to cover up my parental insecurities.  I act as though it doesn’t bother me when they say they hate me and that I don’t do enough for them (remember, I have 2 teenagers).  I tell myself it isn’t my job to “be their friend” and at the same time not feel guilty when Molly tells me that she likes Stephanie’s mom better than me because they are ALL GREAT FRIENDS!  I want them to see me as strong and decisive but I also spend a lot of time telling them I am sorry for this or that.

As I raise my mug of tea to ALL of us MOTHER’S, I cheer us for just keeping up the fight.  I cheer us for staying when we want to run away.  I cheer us for all the trying we do to get it right.  I cheer us for doing our best even when or if it isn’t perfect.  RAISE A GLASS, MUG or TOOTHBRUSH…CHEERS TO US!!!  May we live to keep it up another year!!!

Happenings Today:

10 am – Your Turn Gathering – YMCA of Greater Kalamazoo on Maple St. – Balance the Tight Rope

6:30 pm – Your Turn Weight Loss Support Group – Your Turn Office

Get Your Sweat On

Your Turn



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