Get Gritty!

Good morning ladies,

I’m awake after a night of weird dreams.  My dreams were all of me trying to do something that was sort of dumb; one dream was of me stealing a boat out of a store that once belonged to my dead uncle.  I had a friend helping me and we were being chased but I wouldn’t give up or give in to not getting that boat back.  This dream was after another dream where I single handedly unarmed a man who was trying to do things that I didn’t approve of.  This man kept coming after me but I kept up averting him in some house until the police arrived.  In my dream I had stamina, determination to accomplish an intention…Angela Ducksworth would call what I had in my dream GRIT!

Last night I ran with some Your Turn Inspirators who also showed GRIT.  They were determined to run those 5 solid minutes.  They would call to one another words of encouragement to keep it up.   A few, even after they could have gone home from completing their workout, stayed to run up Maple Hill; we start at Crosstown Pkwy and run all the way up to the tippy top of that steep hill to the stop sign.  That hill is nothing short of a bitch, you think you’ve got it then you hit the steepest part and you are almost completely stopped in your tracks.  To get to the top you have to have determination, stamina and an intention to make it to the top…GRIT.

Women who are involved in the Your Turn Weight Loss Support Group had been encouraged to keep up the effort it takes to keep journaling their food.  Take the successes along with the challenges and stay with the commitment to their health.  A woman wrote on our FB group, “I know this has to be long term. I know that the quality of my life as well as the length of the healthy part of my life depends on it. When I think of the magnitude of changing forever, it feels overwhelming, so I try to stay focused on the short term. It will likely take 20 weeks to lose a kindergartner if I am completely focused. And I have like 3 or more to lose. That is a long fucking time, right? But I can rejoice in the ten-ish pounds I have lost in the past 5 weeks now. I can keep this up because I while I don’t see the change in my body, I see the change in the scale. I’ve spent 37 years abusing my body. That shit is over. It doesn’t mean I can’t ever have a chocolate cupcake. It means I can’t have a chocolate cupcake after eating crap all day. It means I can’t have 6 cupcakes. The most amazing part of this journey is how really simple changes are making a difference. Portion control is HUGE for me and not so hard if I pay attention. Failure is simply not a fucking option. Period.”  That woman, that Your Turn Inspirator has GRIT!!!

Another Inspirator once told me that if we flow in the river of our culture, easy food and no movement that is challenging we will all end up without the health of our body.  She told me that this is a river we need to fight against.  She’s right, we need to have GRIT to get our health back, GRIT to keep our health, GRIT is where a healthy life is at!

To the GRITTY YOU, I toast you with my cucumber water this morning.  Let’s stay GRITTY!

Your Turn



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