Small Steps to Success

Good morning ladies,

“It is always best to believe in oneself but a little help from a friend can certainly help.”~unknown

How often does “I Can’t” comes to the mind before you ever think you can.   We have approximately 50,000 thoughts in any given day, many of them are negative thoughts of the past or pessimistic thoughts of the future.  It seems shortly after a GREAT thing occurs in your life the mind takes us to a place of “that won’t happen again” UNLESS you train your mind to think positive thoughts.  Training your mind to find the best parts of our past and the greatest possibilities of our future takes practice and time but I know a way to retrain the brain while you are becoming the healthiest you that you can be…SMALL SUCCESSES.

We have the ability to break down the negative patterns the more small successes we have to think about.  Your Turn has made the choice to take every goal and break it down into VERY SMALL, VERY MANAGEABLE, ACHIEVABLE STEPS.  Instead of making weight loss seem a HUGE challenge for those who have 70-80-90 or over 100 lbs to lose we talk about things like, “instead of drinking a 12 pack of soda a day, drink 11 1/2 cans by pouring 1/2 of the last one of the day out”, we don’t flinch when women have said to us, “I eat 2 meals at McDonald’s when I go through the drive through and I’m alone”…that’s totally fine, “how about instead of you eating both meals you pick either 1 of the extra fries or 1 of the extra sandwiches and throw it away, give it away or pee on it before you eat anything, do it as soon as you get it into the car?”.  It seemed the very minute the 12 pack of soda a day Inspirator began cutting out small amounts of soda (which she didn’t  think she could do AT ALL) she realized it was possible, she could do it and her mind changed.  She started thinking that if she could do that she could do…X…  As soon as the Inspirator began cutting out that 2nd large fry from the McDonald’s meal she realized, she COULD make this change and her mind began to change, from there she wanted another small step because she was “READY TO DO MORE”.  SUCCESS!!!

Within a few short weeks of having one small step success lead into another small step success they are gaining back some of the confidence that they had lost because they couldn’t make BIG CHANGES STICK, they had felt like they were failures and gave up trying.

For the women who realized they COULD run 60 seconds then realized they COULD run 90 seconds then COULD run 3 minutes…one small success leading into another and the next thing you know they ran a 5K and are now looking to train in the same small step manner for a sprint triathlon.

With help, support and a friend saying, “you can do this, this is manageable” we can turn an “I CAN’T” into a “I DID IT, LET’S TRY SOMETHING ELSE”.  Not only do we change the negative thought patterns into positive outlooks for the future but we are also helping to create a healthier you.  The next time “I can’t” begins to creep in, write what you “can’t” do down and let’s break it out into small steps to success!!  YOU CAN, YOU WILL and YOU WILL ACHIEVE MORE!!!  I believe in you!!!

Your Turn





3 thoughts on “Small Steps to Success

  1. Yes! I love the 60 sec., 90 sec, 3 min. reminder. It is a revolutionary concept. So simple you almost reject it as an agent of change. However, it POWER is released in that first small step, and the next, and the next…. This reminder makes me well up. Okay, so I’m a cryer!

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