Try It!

Good Morning

At last nights gathering in Otsego the table was filled with strange fruits and vegetables.   It was a consensus that many of the women had seen these foods before but had never tried them. WHY?  By adding variety to our diets we lower the risk of deficiencies.  Be adventurous, you may have to try it 3 times 3 different preparations before you find one you like.  That is the fun part.  The fear of not knowing how to prepare something fortunately can be solved by looking it up on line in a matter of minutes.  The cost? I was thrilled to hear one inspirator say that all though she spent more money on “nutritious food”  at the grocery store, as a result she did not buy as much fast food.  The farmers markets are open!  When changing our eating habits we often focus too much on cutting foods out. Enjoy the adventure of adding new foods to your diet. Exchanging old habits for exciting new ones.  You can do it!

Get Your Sweat On



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