Where I’ve Been (Mel)

Good morning ladies,

What a week!  I want to say Thank You for allowing me time to take a small step back from Your Turn writings to re-charge my battery.  Over the course of this week I have gotten a little Mel time which was very much needed to gain perspective of my overall self.  I, like everyone else, need time to adjust and re-focus where I have been putting my energy.  I do a super duper great job at motivating and inspiring when I feel like it but I haven’t felt like it so I’ve been sort of “off grid”.  It has felt good to sleep in a little later and put more focus into my workouts and my family time.  Based on the Balance Gathering yesterday I need to keep up the re-adjustments but I think I am on my way to figuring out how to be Mel and be Your Turn and Mom and Wife and Fitness Queen (LOL)…oh shit, I forgot friend should be in there too.

I am no different than YOU.  I want the same things, a healthy mind body and spirit, a healthy family, a healthy relationship with my husband; I want to be a friend and an exceptional “worker” for Your Turn.  Being everything is tricky because it seems that one thing has to drip or drop in order to do a different thing better.  Learning to be balanced is a bitch!  It takes effort and I feel like I don’t have any effort to give to the task of seeing where I am not balanced and seeing where I should be balanced and just taking the time to think about these things makes me so pissed I want to crawl right out of my skin.

Boy, this is real inspirational.  I guess I’m still not feeling “it” yet.  Anyway, I guess I’m here to say “HI” and that I’m not gone I’m just not feeling it.

This weekend…this gets me EXCITED!!!  This weekend is the Kalamazoo Marathon, Borgess Run for the Health of It ½ Marathon and 5K.  There are MANY INSPIRATORS from Your Turn that will be running, walking in that race and there will be MANY of us CHEERLEADERS on the course JUMPING UP AND DOWN, YELLING TILL WE ARE HOARSE, and ACTING LIKE LOONS to be a distractions to the pain if that is what you are needing at the time.  If YOU are interested in being a YT CHEERLEADER feel free to shoot me an email or drop in on our FB page.  We will be meeting early before the race, time yet to be determined.  I’ll send an update once specifics are all set.

Get Your Sweat On, I know I have been and as soon as this is on the blog site, maybe even as you are reading this I will be sweating while on my 80 minute run.

Your Turn





One thought on “Where I’ve Been (Mel)

  1. With all due respects, balance is way over rated. Balance is that fleeting interval we go through between ups and downs. Trying to chase balance is like trying to chase a rainbow or pin a wave to the sand. It’s a pretty elusive goal. What is more important is stability. We need a stable base to come back to – one that is grounded and that we can feel. Maybe it’s our set point. Stability allows us to fluctuate between extremes and competing priorities at times, but is our core that keeps us from spinning out of control. Only when your boat is stable, when you make yourself one with the frame of the boat, will your boat be balanced. (Why rowing is like life – stay tuned)

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