Heart 2 Heart Connections

Good morning ladies,

On Thursday mornings we have a group meditation circle at the YT office.  In our small group we have so much kindness for each other and true love; yesterday was so amazing!  As soon as we all sat down I felt compelled to share how a challenging part in my life is bringing about so much positive change and just how I see all those hardships are wonderful because we are all learning so much because of them.

MaryBeth began the meditation CD and the words we were listening to were how we are perfect on the inside.  How even when things in our life make us feel small we are as large as the universe, that we can overcome all things just by acknowledging our power and believing in ourselves.

Another woman in the group began talking about a very hurtful situation she was just in because of a few other women.  She also spoke of how a recent event made her feel like her fat 11 year old self all over again.  As she was telling her feelings to us she said, “It was so weird to feel so awful because the women in YT make me feel so good”.  Another woman piped up and said, “This is what I love about YT, I love that we don’t judge each other here.  I love that we are just accepted”.  She went on to say how in her life the majority of the women are back stabbing and competitive and hurtful; before she met Your Turn she felt so alone.  As we were all sharing we all huddled in a little closer, sitting more on the edge of our seats, a few holding hands, tears were falling, hurt feelings were being released, smiles and words of encouragement were given freely.

Heart 2 Heart

Heart 2 Heart

Health and wellness isn’t just running and jumping and eating kale, it is also feelings of security, love and acceptance.  In Your Turn we try to encompass as many healthy opportunities as we possibly can to allow us to really feel connected to each other.  To be reminded or to be introduced to what full on kindness feels like.  Moments such as were had yesterday are just an example of some of the best parts of YT; showing pictures of runners at a ½ Marathon and 5K are easy and are great but this, that giving of support and love are equally as great!

Don’t JUST Get Your Sweat On, show love and kindness today and every day.

Your Turn



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