Real Life Small Steps to Healthy

Good morning ladies,

Yesterday I had the honor of representing Your Turn on a larger scale.  I had been asked to sit on a panel with a pediatrician and a woman who had a few credentials of superior being next to or behind her name.  As they stated, sitting in their special clothes, what their titles were I thought to myself, God, what the hell am I going to say.  I don’t have any “special” letters or expensive education or official statistics…I kinda felt embarrassed that I was even up there so… I put my weird feeling in the compartment of my mind that tends to forget things… and said what and who I am, “Hi, I’m Melodie Holman co-founder and director of Your Turn AND former FAT GIRL” (I was wearing my Kalamazoo Marathon shirt and blue jeans with my well-worn belt and running sneakers).  Right, like that’s what I am and I looked like WHO I am.

As soon as the questions began being asked I realized the importance of my being there.  IMMEDIATELY as the Pediatrician was stating how he TELLS his patients how to use the plates in regards to how much of their plate should be fruits and vegetables and how they should just stop drinking ALL things except for water and milk I knew the importance of this former FAT GIRL.  What THEY, the special smart people,  want to do is to TELL us FAT GIRLS and BOYS what we should JUST DO!!!  I heard the absurdity of their ideas and was disgusted by their superior feelings toward what we in the REAL FUCKING WORLD DO.  Stop having TV’s in our kids rooms, JUST STOP IT!!!  Stop drinking anything other than water and milk, JUST STOP IT!!!  Stop feeding your kids hot lunch from school, JUST STOP IT and MAKE YOUR KIDS LUNCH FROM HOME!!!  Start eating more fruits and vegetables, JUST DO IT!!!  Get more exercise when the Dr. prescribes it on his prescription pad, JUST DO IT!!!

Do they live in the same world that you and I live in?  Do they understand that an ALL or NOTHING approach DOESN’T WORK???  I mean, seriously, do they really live that way?  I wonder if that pediatrician ONLY drinks water and milk.  I wonder if he has EVER eaten out at a restaurant and I wonder if he has a TV in his room.

Now here’s the deal, we shouldn’t EVER drink soda and many of us will never in our life time have a real need to drink Gatorade or Powerade (to really need those types of drinks you need to have EXERCISE for an ENTIRE HOUR).  We really do need to have our plates ½ full of fruits and vegetables at EVERY meal.  We really do need to allow our body the opportunity to actually FEEL hungry (do you even know what that feels like?).  Our children shouldn’t have televisions in their bedrooms because it does disturb their bedtime and it does send a message that the bedroom is for entertainment instead of rest.  I believe ALL of those things.  I practice many of those things (you know, other than the water and milk thing because I really don’t like the taste of water so I drink hot tea instead).    However, I also live in the real world and when I was first beginning on my wellness journey I couldn’t have gone all OUT on soda, juice, sugar drinks and I certainly didn’t begin with my plate being more fruits and vegetables than meat and pasta or potato.  I am a realist; I understand that we need to take SMALL steps to the goal of not drinking soda and taking TV out of our children’s bedrooms.  I imagine if we start there we will have mutiny on our hands.

What I realized when I was sitting up there next to these very smart, very lettery professionals that they have lost touch with reality.  They can’t possibly fully live what they preach.  I get they are trying to make a point but the point that they are actually making is if you can’t do it ALL right now then you are just “dragging their feet” (an actual thing said when I mentioned the small step approach).

I was encouraged by what we are doing in YT, real life, small step changes to becoming a healthier society.

I want YOU to be proud of YOU!  Be proud of every 1 less soda you drink during the day.  Be proud of every time you add a small amount of vegetable to your dinner plate that wasn’t there before.  Be proud of every time you make the choice to go outside and roll in the new grass with your children in play (exercise).  Be proud of every time you tell your children to wait, “we’ll be home soon enough and we’ll have dinner then” instead of rolling through the drive-through.  I KNOW that small step changes are the sustainable ones and I also KNOW that if “their” way worked then we wouldn’t be in this fat society at all.  So I guess I am so thankful I was sitting on that panel in my blue jeans and Kalamazoo Marathon shirt with my sneakers on speaking in real language for real people like you and me!

Happenings Today:

6 pm – Portage Library – Anyone looking to run any distance between a mile and 10, JUST SHOW UP!!!

7 pm – Bronson Athletic Club – Your Turn Gathering – A GREEN CLEAN – Get Your Spring Cleaning on with products you can make from home that are easier on the environment and better for your home.  JUST SHOW UP!!!

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