You Are Enough

Good morning ladies,

Jimmy didn’t wake me up before he left and I didn’t set my alarm; I hope this morning inspiration from September of 2012 make you feel again the way it made you feel back then; YOU ARE ENOUGH!  Happy Hump Day!  And, just so you know, I still haven’t tried the Dorito Taco from Taco Bell and I don’t have the desire to anymore.

Good morning ladies,

I’m stuck in my head about 1; have you ever shown up to a fitness class and the instructor says something along the lines of, “we’re not running class today because of low participation”?  And you look around and think to yourself, but I made the effort to get here, am I not enough?  I’ve had that happen to me in a Pilates class; I went in, got my mat and my little ball, laid myself down only to be told a few minutes later that class, “due to low participation” was cancelled for that day.  That experience made me feel badly.  I felt inadequate AGAIN.  Again I was being told in no uncertain terms that I was not enough, doing something for me wasn’t worth it.

The very first conversation I had about a desire to start a support network for women I said, 1 will be enough!  1 will be perfect!  1 is where it all starts.  Do you know what 1 woman can do? Do you know the changes that occur all around your world because of YOUR actions?  YOU change the world around you for the betterment of all or not.  YOU set the stage, YOU are the lighting, YOU are the actor everyone is watching.  Please do not let that make you feel uncomfortable; instead, take ownership in that role because we ALL play the same part in our own production.  I recommend the book CONNECTED by Nicholas A. Christakis and James H. Fowler; this book discusses how we impact the people not only around us but 3 people removed from us.  Those people impact the same amount and the connections go on.  YOU CAN CHANGE THE WORLD!!!  You DO change the community surrounding you for the positive or otherwise.

This is a short synapses of how that happened for Melissa in Constantine, an AMAZING Your Turn Inspirator! ((HUGS)) to you!  She decided to make a change so she reached out in social media for a beginner running group in Three Rivers.  I found Melissa.  Melissa, without much support at the onset began moving forward and discussing it; in church, in her kids school, with her friends, on social media, with her family.  She became connected with a group and they began running.  2 weeks in her friend joined the group, she wanted to get fit and lose weight.  A short time later her mom tried zumba, she didn’t like it.  Before you know it her family began to support her better, her husband’s grandmother offered support, her husband offered better support, her children were excited by what their mom was doing.  A leader in her church began asking about what she was doing and how to get started.  Melissa ran a 5K and introduced me to Kathy.  Kathy and Melissa then helped to organize another Couch 2 5K program.  Now we are up to 15 people that Melissa had helped change in less than 3 months.  In less than 3 months the change of 1 woman equated to the change in 15……15!!!!!

Are you that change agent?  Could you be if you became intentional about it?  Are you already fit and have been for a while but don’t know what else to do, how about helping run a 5K program to be that change agent for others outside of your circle.  Maybe you walk; what about intentionally talking about your walks and see where it leads.  Tonia went to Zumba, she liked it, she talk to Sylvia about it, Sylvia goes to Zumba, Ann likes Sylvia, Ann wanted to see what Sylvia was talking about with Zumba, Ann goes to Zumba……SEE, SEE how this works!!!!

The negative side is; you can do it for the other was as well.  How about this scenario; I like that commercial for the new Doritos Taco at Taco Bell; I want to try it, I have a family of 7, if I decided to eat that for dinner they eat it also, I haven’t tried that taco from Taco Bell because I do not want to set that example for my family.  PERIOD.  I have been told that the taco kind of sucks but I want to try it anyway but I won’t because I have a community around me that I do not wish to inspire in an unhealthy direction.


Be The Change, Get Your Sweat On!

Your Turn



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