Take Your Shoes Off!

Good Morning! I am excited to share what I love the most about Your Turn.  When we say guilt free, we mean guilt free! In our programs and our Gatherings you can feel free to speak, be heard, and not be judged.  Before, I was the person who would listen to other women that had so much to offer and all I would walk away with was how terrible of a person I must be.  Kama Tai Mitchell came to speak at our Gathering yesterday about using natural products to clean your home. Anywhere else I would have started to shrink in my chair and avoid eye contact.  Here it comes…. the big confession…. I use toxic bathroom cleaner. I know it is just a marketing tool and I still buy a different cleaner for each room of the house.  I pay a ridiculous amount for small bottles of toxic chemicals to “clean” mostly just so my house smells clean.  I said it out loud and we laughed.  My favorite tip: now that I am going to try to clean with vinegar, add orange or lemon peel to make it smell better.  It is not too late to try something new.  A small effort can make a big change.  I admire Kama, and even better I don’t hate myself for not being “as good of a person”.  I do not have to become an environmentalist.  I can make an effort to reduce the chemicals in my home.  Did you know there are antibacterial and antiviral natural oils?  Kama is joining us again at our Gathering April 17th 7:00 p.m. at the Bronson Athletic Club.  It is worth the effort to come.

I thought you only had to take your shoes off if they had white carpet.

In a recent study, researchers at the University of Arizona found nine different species of bacteria on people’s shoes. These types of bacteria can cause infections in our stomachs, eyes and lungs.  The study also found bacteria live longer on our shoes than in other places. As we walk, we constantly pick up new debris that feeds the growth of more bacteria.  The researchers tested to see if bacteria on shoes would transfer to the tile floors in a house. More than 90 percent of the time it did. Carpeting harbors bacteria even more.http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/Consumer/story?id=5177409&page=1#.UWQKaHA1HmI  Take your shoes off in the house!

Get your sweat on while you clean!



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