Embrace Your Fear

Good morning ladies,

I downloaded the new Pink album on my ipod for some inspiration while running and cleaning and pretty much doing anything, I LOVE her music!  So I’m running yesterday and listening but not really, you know what I mean, until the words… Screw fear, it’s contagious, Infecting everything, it makes me do such stupid stupid stuff, then later on in the song, I hate when my fear speaks for me, it makes me nasty.  I almost stopped dead my fast moving feet!

Ahhh, how I hate fear too, I thought, as I was running along with her words.  I hate it when I am afraid to state my true voice for FEAR of being unaccepted, for FEAR of being criticized, for FEAR of being laughed at, for FEAR of being too exposed.

My husband would say, “you have fear of any of those things, you hide it well”.  I know I come across as having NO FEAR but of course we all have fear it’s all a matter of whether we let it debilitate our dreams, our goals, our love, our beauty!  I have thrown fear to the side time after time, so often actually that it comes second nature to me now, I figure if I screw up or end up crying (you know that) at least I am being my true me BUT don’t ever think that is isn’t frightening.  I am as afraid as you are, I have just learned to thank it for its service but tell it in a not so gentle inner mental voice to move the fuck on!

Embrace Fear

Embrace Fear

What fear are you going to acknowledge and embrace?  Your fear of not accomplishing a goal so you don’t say it out loud?  Your fear of being honest with yourself regarding what you eat (we are working on that in our Weight Loss Support Group)?  Your fear of telling the person who doesn’t treat you with respect to HIT THE ROAD, JACK?

I’ve asked the question before, what would you do if you didn’t have fear of the outcome.  I’m asking you now…WHAT WILL YOU ACHIEVE NOW THAT YOU HAVE ACKNOWLEDGED YOUR FEAR AND HAVE THE COURAGE TO DO ANYWAY?  I’ll make a bet it’s MAGICAL!!!

Happenings This Week:  HOLY SHIT WHAT A WEEK IT WILL BE!!!!!


10 am – Your Turn Gathering – Spring Cleaning, Tis the season for SPRING CLEANING! Come meet with other women and learn how to keep your home feeling as healthy as your body!  We have Kama Tai Mitchell as our guest speaker to share how to make natural cleaning products that are safe for you and the environment.

5 pm – Allegan Co Runners – Finishing up their LAST week of training for the Gazelle Girl ½ Marathon and 5K

6 pm – Weight Loss Support Group – Weigh in and get your measurements, learn how we are getting started to shed those pounds you have been holding on to for WAY too long!  Not too late to JUST SHOW UP!!!


6:30 pm – Kalamazoo Co. Runners – Finishing up their LAST week of training for the Gazelle Girl 5K


6 pm – Kalamazoo Co. Distance Runners – Finishing up their LAST week of training for the Gazelle Girl ½ Marathon


9:30 am – Meditation Group – At the YT Office – JUST SHOW UP!

6 pm – St. Joseph Co. C25K  – Mid way through their training for the DASAS 5K on May 18th

6:30 pm – Kalamazoo Co C25K Beginning – Week 1 Day 1 JUST SHOW UP!!!


CHEER LEADING OPPORTUNITY – Gazelle Girl ½ Marathon in Grand Rapids – Don’t worry about how to get there, just be willing to come and CHEER CHEER CHEER; we have signs and will carpool you there!

Now get out there and Get Your Sweat On!

Your Turn




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