Patient My Ass

Good morning ladies,

Spring break can be a time of funzie vacation or family torture.  Yesterday I took my children and their Nana to the ButterFly Garden in Grand Rapids, super beautiful, and as we were leaving I accidentally heard myself telling the boys, “patience is an action verb, you must wait and waiting patiently and peacefully takes practice.” (this was in reference to me helping them get buckled in the van, getting out the DS and portable DVD player so the 1 hour ride home was QUIET!!!)  I sat down in the drivers seat and looked at Jeannie, my mother-in-law, and said, “I sound like a freak when I talk to them sometimes, I cannot believe the BS that comes out of my mouth only because I am trying to keep myself calm”.  She told me that because I was calm and I sounded kind to them that it wasn’t BS, it was true and it worked.



I have been known to say that Love is an action verb but I hadn’t ever thought about patience in that same manner however, I was right in what I told the boys, Patience IS an action verb.  We must practice it, work at it, make it a choice.

Action Verb

Action Verb

Last night at the YT C25K Program PATIENCE as an ACTION VERB hit me in the face again.  The women who are training to run need to have patience, active patience.  They need to understand that this is new to their body and they must give their body and mind time to adjust and catch up.  It takes us being brave to exercise patience, we need to be willing to quite possibly set ourselves up for failure each time we try, then we need to have patience while things develop.  However, patience is a bitch right, we want what we want RIGHT F***ING NOW!!!



I want to be able to do this NOW, not in 3 more weeks or 5 more weeks or 100 more weeks.  BUT, Rome, as they say, wasn’t built in a day and nor was a sleek body.

Patience 4

As do the women who have come into YT need to have patience, so do the group leaders.  Those of us leading groups need to be the calm one explaining how things will work if given enough time.  We need to be the firm ones with conviction and vision to see an outcome that may or may not be seen by the women who are in the middle striving.  We need to be certain but patient.

You DO Have the Time

You DO Have the Time

YOU CAN be patient but to be that you need to be brave, you need to keep up your belief in self with striving and faith that YOU WILL get to the point you want whether that be a calm and peaceful mind, a sleek slim body, a gazelle-esque running style, breaking a sugar addiction, or getting more of your protein from plant sources.  We cannot expect ourselves to have an idea and achieve it IMMEDIATELY.  Give it time; be brave on your path and have the faith and patience that you will get to where you want to go exactly when you are ready to.

I will not tell you that patience is easy, I will tell you however, it pays off.



The end result, if you build it through dedication to staying on the plan, keeping on the path and a firm belief YOU WILL GET TO WHERE YOU WANT TO GO (wherever that may be).

Happenings This Week


6pm – 1/2 Marathon Trainees – Portage Public Library – Running 2 Miles


9:30am – Group Meditation – YT Office JUST SHOW UP

12:10pm – YT Gathering; Spring Cleaning – YT Office JUST SHOW UP

Get Your Sweat On

Your Turn



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