Fearless Venture

Good morning ladies,

Approximately 5 months ago Your Turn was approached to put together a training program for the Gazelle Girl ½ Marathon. Dawn and I discussed this endeavor and decided that we wanted to see if we could accomplish this goal.  We had never run a training program for this type of distance but we both had plenty of experience running them.  I, as my norm, began asking for support in my round-about way (which means I was just making general statements unsure of what I really wanted or what I really needed).  Bronson Athletic Club, Just Move Fitness and More and Ken came to my aid IMMEDIATELY.  I floundered a little but came up with a plan.  I am quite sure they each wondered what exactly or how exactly it would work out but I think they all knew I was DETERMINED to make it work and make it work well.

Why am I telling you this, I am telling you this because I was unsure and I stepped out on faith.  Faith in myself, faith in the partners that were with us and faith that the next step would appear to me even if I didn’t know exactly around which corner it would be.

I would love to tell you that there were NO hitches or mistakes but there were, however, through those mistakes and hitches I learned and am still learning from.  The amazing thing is that for the 30 women that we have fully supported toward their goal of running this distance it worked.

Now I could drink the YT kool-aid and put the hitches and mistakes in the back of my mind but I won’t.  I will learn from those and make the next training program even better because I am unafraid of errors.  I am unafraid of venturing out in the dark stumbling until I find the light switch and I am unafraid of apologizing.  I have learned to be fearless because fearless is where life is.

Today Your Turn and I embark on another fearless venture, Your Turn Weight Loss Support Program.  I haven’t ever run a weight loss group and the only thing I know about weight loss is from what I have personally experienced and what I have learned from discussing it with others.  I have met with trainers, nutritionists, dieticians and I will be meeting with a wellness coach; I do the same with them that I did with BAC and JMF&M, I flounder around unsure of what to ask but I seem to come out of each conversation with more knowledge than I went into it with.

If you have a few pounds to lose or you lost some weight and want support to help you keep it off, come give this program a try.  I cannot promise perfection or even that you will succeed but I can promise you that I will work like I do, with fierce determination to accomplish my goal which is supporting you to accomplishing yours.  JUST SHOW UP tonight, Monday, April 1st at 6PM at the Your Turn Office on Westnege in Kalamazoo.

Get Your Sweat On

Your Turn



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