Path of the Day

Good morning ladies,

We all have a choice this morning, exhaustion and self-pity or motivation and expectation.

You can be pissed that it is Monday, stagger out of bed snapping at anyone in your path before you snatch a cup from the cupboard and pour yourself that first cup of coffee.  You can curse any or all of the people who don’t have to get up “so bloody early” and “punch a clock” at work and assume they are all deadbeats.  You can imagine your life without having to go to work, getting kids up for school




Happy Monday

You can be THANKFUL that it’s Monday.  Pour yourself a shot of sunflower oil and do some oil pulling thing you learned about on YouTube.  You can hippy hop knowing that this Sunday is Easter and that stands for re-birth, rejuvenation and life a new.  As your oil is working is magic on your mouth you could be chopping up some green veggies and an apple, maybe throw in a few frozen blueberries from last seasons stash in the freezer to make a perfect green smoothie.  You can look at your calendar for the day and have a degree of nervous expectation about a meeting or workout.  You can add in a 20 minute mid-day meditation or prayer session or power nap around 2pm as a pick me up to your schedule.

You have a choice this morning.  You can choose the path of your day.  This day is yours for the taking.

Happenings This Week:


  • 5pm – C25K and ½ Marathon Trainees – Otsego High School – Runs are anywhere from 2  to 10 miles


  • 6pm – C25K – Celery Flats on Garden Lane – 3 Miles


  • 6pm – ½ Marathon Trainees – Portage Library – Running 10 Miles


  • 9:30am – Group Meditation – Your Turn Office, 3234 S. Westnedge Ave, Kalamazoo – JUST SHOW UP!

Get Your Sweat On

Your Turn


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