Think You Can!

Good morning ladies,

Standing on the scale at 241lbs didn’t seem real to me.  I mean, I knew I was quite a chunky monkey but not that big.  I can honestly say that I didn’t think about all that I would do to become 98lbs smaller, it really didn’t cross my mind.  What did cross my mind was that I didn’t want to be fat anymore.

Chunkie Monkie Mel

Chunkie Monkie Mel

The new daily routine that I developed wasn’t planned out exactly, it was more just DONE.  I got up every day like it was my job to go to the Y.  I rarely missed a day, I wanted it THAT BADLY!  The IT that I wanted was NOT to be fat anymore.  I thought I would be happy just below 200, then it was at 180, then it was at a size 14 then size 12 then size 10 then size 8 and I have even had the firm desire, and have reached it for a minute or two, to be a size 6.

Yes, I was scale obsessed, I weighed myself every single day of the week and cried out when I was a few ounces heavier than the day before.  I rejoiced when I say an entire pound drop from 1 day to the next.  Losing weight was my job and I took it more seriously than any job I had ever had.

Here’s why it happened for me, I DIDN’T GIVE UP!  Not once, not during the entire year that I lost that weight did I think to myself to quit doing what I was doing.  I definitely tweaked it, changed things up, put focus in different directions of my body but I DIDN’T GIVE UP!!!



That stomach once was covered with rolls of fat!

That stomach once was covered with rolls of fat!

Last night I had the honor and pleasure of running alongside Amy.  Amy reminds me of me during that time in my life, not because Amy has a weight loss goal but because she has a running goal.  She has decided to run a 5K.  She seems to have no interest in caring how quickly or slowly she runs this 5K but she is DETERMINED to run it, not walk it, RUN IT!!!

Amy is in the Your Turn, Kalamazoo C25K Training Program and had a minor set back when she took a vacation during week 2 of the program.  She truly thought that she was going to get miles in while she was gone but fun got in the way.  She then thought that because she walked so much during that trip that it wouldn’t matter, she was wrong.  So Amy has been a week behind since her return from that trip.  She has done some chastising of herself because of her choice but for the most part she just keeps on keeping on.

Anyway, the other day she sent me an email about whether she could or should push ahead to catch up with the group.  She basically wanted to jump through from 8 minutes of running to 20 minutes of running RIGHT NOW!  To be honest, I didn’t know how to respond other than to say, we can try.  I didn’t know if she would be able to do it but I certainly didn’t want to say she shouldn’t or couldn’t do it so all we could do was try.

Yesterday there was NO way I could run outside, this virus has attacked my lungs and it just hurts to breathe indoors, I was NOT able to run outside in the cold, snowing and blowing of yesterday.  I offered to meet her at the Y and we could run the track there.

When we got started I was pretty nervous for her, I didn’t want her to feel like a failure if she couldn’t make it, I didn’t want her to think she isn’t a runner because she couldn’t jump from 8 minutes to 20 so I told her about a few women who are run/walking the ½ Marathon.  I told her that run/walking the 5K is equally as great as running it straight out.  I wanted to make sure… be honest I don’t know what I wanted but as I write this I just didn’t know if she could do it and I didn’t want her to feel badly if she couldn’t.

Here’s the difference, she had decided she WAS GOING TO DO IT!  She was going to run that full fucking 20 minutes if it killed her.  She was not going to quit, she was not going to walk, she was not going to complain, she was going to RUN!!!  It hit me when we were around the 10 minute mark, HOLY SHIT SHE IS GOING TO RUN THIS!  I kept my emotions at bay and was determined then to help her see it through.  I annoyed her by talking the way I do when I am trying to encourage someone, I babble and hope I am keeping their mind off of whatever pain they are in either physically or mentally.  I didn’t matter, what I did was she was DETERMINED!

Amy ran a STRAIGHT, SOLID, NONSTOP, NONWALK 20 MINUTE, 1.2 MILES!!!  Amy has decided that she is going to RUN this 5K!  I don’t know if she second guesses herself or if she thinks about it much at all, all I know is that she is AMAZING!!!



Do you get the moral to the story; it’s QUITTING that doesn’t allow our desires to become our reality.  You can finesse and maneuver, adapt and adjust things around to make it work for you but quitting never got anyone to lose 98lbs nor did it get anyone to the finish line of a 5K!  Keeping at it; finessing it and maneuvering, adapting and adjusting things around to make it work gets you to the desired goal.

Don’t think you can’t, think you can!!!

Get Your Sweat On

Your Turn



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