Chosen Inspirator, Chosen!

Good morning ladies,

There is nothing more exciting than helping others reach their desired goal.  Due to the diligent work of a few YT Inspirators, Carol and Sara and Melissa, Your Turn began another C25K in St. Joseph Co, Three Rivers to be exact.  At first we were excited that we had a few, like 12, sign up or show interest in joining this group but as more people began talking about it, more people started getting excited about the prospect of being able to walk or run a 5K which is 3.1 miles and the sharing of excitement gained 32 women joining together last night at the George Washington Carver Center to begin training.

Week 1 Day 1 Three Rivers C25K

Week 1 Day 1 Three Rivers C25K

Sadly I am not able to participate in this training but I feel the excitement as though I am there because Sara keeps me up to date.  Sara began her journey with YT last summer when she jumped into a C25K program at week 5.  It doesn’t sound like Sara had been sedentary exactly but running a full 3.1 miles was a challenge for her.  She showed up each week and became more and more excited about running (maybe and sometimes) but even more excited about YT.  She loved the concept of women supporting each other without jealousy or back-biting.  She began giving support to growth ideas YT was having and she volunteered to be a supporter in the ½ Marathon Training program in Kalamazoo.  She drives in twice a week to train to run her first ½ Marathon but also to support the other women who are training to run this distance.  She has is always there when I call her and ask for help and always willing to put her goal of that training run aside to run with someone else in need.  When YT was asked to support Domestic and Sexual Assault Services in Greater St. Joseph Co Sara stepped up again and offered to help.  She is helping to organize the 5K Race that Your Turn is putting on to support DASAS AND she is helping run the C25K Training program to get the women in that area ready to run or walk it.  Can we say she is an INSPIRATION to all of us!!!

Sara on a 1/2 Marathon Training Run, WHOAAA!!

Sara on a 1/2 Marathon Training Run, WHOAAA!!

When Sara called me last night to let me know how Week 1 Day 1 of the C25K went she sounded thrilled to tell me just how the women did on their first run/walk and “how am I going to remember all of their names?” and “I think there’s going to be more next week!”.  The EXCITED ANTICIPATION of getting all these women to the start line of that race is contagious!!!

Sara, you are our CHOSEN INSPIRATOR.  I am excited to share Sara’s story and how she will be fairing with co-training these new YT Inspirators and supporting the ½ Marathon Trainees And supporting DASAS with helping put on the Domestic and Sexual Abuse Services 5K AND running her VERY FIRST EVER ½ Marathon.  Sara, you are an INSPIRATION to me and so many other women.  Thank you for all you do!!!

Keep watch over the upcoming month on our Chosen Inspirator page on this blog.

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