Good morning,

It’s Wednesday; Hump Day!  Do you know the first time I ever heard that expression I thought it was sexual; I remember telling my friend, I wonder if Jimmy knows about this.  OMG, that is so funny!!!

Wake up, WAKE UP,WAKE UP!!!  Today is going to be a GREAT day!  Do you ever wonder what makes a great day happen?  Well, I know the answer to that….YOUR ATTITUDE!  Your attitude toward the day  makes that happen.  On the days when you wake up and you have something exciting planned you wake up all full of excitement with an expectant demeanor that gets the juices flowing.  A smile is on your face, there is a hop in your step and maybe even a diddy of a tune in your head.

It’s HUMP DAY; if you’ve got nothing else to get excited about let that be it.  Let it be because ½ of the work week is on its way out and the weekend is right around the corner.  PUT a smile on your face, PUT a hop in your step and turn on the tunes if you aren’t singing one.  It’s absolutely amazing what can happen to your attitude when you intentionally DO those things.

Happenings Today:

6pm – 1/2 Marathon Trainees run 10K Race Pace – Celery Flats on Garden Lane – Cheerleaders Welcome!

Good Luck and MAKE the time to Get Your Sweat On!

Your Turn



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