Changing a Belief

Good morning ladies,

A belief is a thought we just keep thinking often enough for us to believe it is our reality.  All of my life I have believed myself to be a procrastinator; I do not want this label or belief of myself.  I want to do things timely.  Changing something so ingrain in us is challenging; I find myself having to be reminded by Jimmy that I said I was going to do…..  Thankfully, I have that reminder that isn’t judgmental or angry (because he has to remind me so often).  However, I have to tell him that I want to do something on a specific time frame for him to remind me which sometimes I put off…the cycle.

As I begin to break from that cycle of procrastination I ebb and flow with good times and forgetful ones. I need to be reminded to get back on track but also not to feel guilty or angry with myself as I change or forget I was going to change or that I wanted to change.  Breaking a set pattern takes a lot of thought and effort but it is possible.  When I am on track I feel such pride in myself, it is one of the greatest feelings ever, self-pride.

I know that so many of you have belief patterns that you need to change; I’m fat to I’m fit and healthy, I’m slow to I am moving in a forward direction with a greater speed than I once had, I’m lazy to it is a gift to myself that I take time for me to relax, I am so busy to I have plenty of time…the list can go on and on but you can break those patterns that you fall into believing.  The patterns won’t change overnight nor will they change on their own without you putting effort in but they can change.

We do not need to be defined by the things about us that don’t bring us joy!  I am so joyful when I get what I said I was going to get done on the schedule I said I was going to get it done in.  Today I am getting our YT shirts screen printed, I am dropping them off and I am SO EXCITED!  This has been too much of an effort for way too long, because of procrastination and indecisiveness on my part.  It is going to feel amazing today when that task is off my plate!!!

Pick one small thing that is a source of irritation to you and begin making the steps you need to take to change it.  Small steps bring about the best sustained change!

Happenings This Week


  • 9am – Your Turn Gathering – Maple St. YMCA – Heart Health.  JUST SHOW UP!
  • 5pm – C25K and ½ Marathon Trainees – Otsego High School – Runs are anywhere from 2 miles to 8


  • 6pm – C25K – Fluid Process in Kalamazoo in the WMU Engineering Park at Drake and Parkview – Week 6 & Week 5


  • 6pm – ½ Marathon Trainees – Celery Flats on Garden Lane – Running a 10K Race Pace, CHEERLEADERS WANTED


  • 9:30am – Group Meditation – Your Turn Office, 3240 S. Westnedge Ave, Kalamazoo – JUST SHOW UP!

Have a SUPER GREAT WEEK and remember 90% of life is JUST SHOWING UP!!!

Your Turn




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