Be the Change

Good morning ladies,

There is a quote that I read every now and again, “be the change you want to see in the world”.  What a great quote but what do we think about when we read it?  Do we think of ourselves and how we can change or do we wonder about a friend or neighbor or the car that cut us off yesterday and how they should be the change agent.

At the YT Gathering yesterday I learned about what one of our Inspirators does; she is the change she wants to see by teaching young children to swim.  She sometimes gets paid, sometimes doesn’t but she said, “this is what I’m meant to do”.  She said that when she sees those same kids at the beach she knows what she does has meaning.

We each have an ability within us to bring about greatness in the community around us.  What is the change you are bringing about?

Tonight we have our 3rd Meet and Greet.  These are meant to be informal, fun and to give you the opportunity to get to know one another.  Stop by the YT Office at 3240 S. Westnedge Ave, Kalamazoo MI at 6:30 for food, fun and conversation.

Get Your Sweat On

Your Turn






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