3 Cheers!

Good morning ladies,

As I am pulling one foot from being stuck in the muck of LIFE with the other one sure to follow I am beginning to find my happy spot again. 

As with everyone, I get sucked into life business and forget what one of my favorite loves is…me.  I am a selfish little critter and I love it.  I love a LONG workout whether it be a long run with my brother or an exercise class, I LOVE a LONG steam after a great workout then a shower with shaving my legs, followed by a sauna where I lotion my body all up and sit and sigh while I sweat just one more time.  Yup, all of that takes me like 2-3 HOURS!!!  Yes, I LOVE every piece of that and I had forgotten how absolutely bloody fantastic it makes me feel.

Those 2-3 hours a few times a week make me feel like MEL!  They make me LOVE my kids and husband even more than I did before.  That type of selfishness makes me an absolute sun shine ray to be around because I am beaming from the inside out. 

You would think that my family would be like, what the hell, but instead they are SO F***ing happy that I am happy that they could care less that I neglected the laundry during that time and instead I had to have my husband buy an extra package of socks while he was at the grocery store last night.  He was so happy to have MEL back that he didn’t even care, my Molly said, “mom’s back” when I got home last night because she could see how satisfied I was.  When I went to C25K Run Group last night I was in a delightful mood and was loving every minute of their “longest minutes of consecutive running” ever! 

Ladies, we think of the selfishness that is giving ourselves time to care for our health and wellness needs but we are in such a better state to care for others that they begin to love the time we give ourselves.  It seems crazy, I know, but being selfish enough to be a happy woman makes us better wives, mothers, friends, employees and severs of mankind.  I know you don’t NEED to take the extra time to shower after your workout and add a lotion or shaving session in there but if it makes you FEEL good then you absolutely should do that!  I know you don’t NEED to sit in a hot tub after that long run but it FEELS so good and puts you in such a blissful state that you should do that for yourself!!!

Selfishness isn’t a negative word; it is a beautiful positive gift to yourself just because you are you.  Give yourself the gift of time today however it makes you feel best and then show the loving feelings you received from it outward.  It’s a gift that keeps on giving.

3 Cheers for selfishness; hip hip hooray, hip hip hooray, hip hip hooray!!! 

Happenings for This Week:


  • 6pm – ½ Marathon Trainees – 8 Miles


  • 9:30am – Guided Meditation – Your Turn Office, 3240 S. Westnedge Ave, Kalamazoo JUST SHOW UP!
  • 12:10pm – Your Turn Gathering – Your Turn Office JUST SHOW UP!


  • 6:30pm – Meet & Greet; Your Lucky Charm – Your Turn Office JUST SHOW UP!


  • 9am – C25K Runners – Celery Flats on Garden Lane – Runners from all levels can join us, JUST SHOW UP!
  • 12:30 – ½ Marathon Trainees – Bronson Athletic Club – 4.5 miles then Hips 2 Nips Training

Get Your Sweat On

Your Turn




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