Relationship Builder

Good morning ladies,

Yesterday I was at the Women’s Expo for a micro-minute but during the time I was there I was fumbling with what to say to women about what Your Turn is…how best to explain us in 5 words or less is quite challenging. Words weren’t flowing and I didn’t feel very inspiring at all. I felt like I was an imposter.

It just so happened that I was called by Walter’s preschool and told that he would need to be picked up because the flu wasn’t quite out of his system. Thankfully Jimmy was able to go pick him up and bring him to me at the Expo and Dawn and Stacy took over at the Expo so I could go home and “snuggle me” with my Walter. I ended up sleeping for hours and when I did wake I was still so tired I basically stayed in bed reading until I fell asleep for the night.

During the short time I was awake I was thinking about how to get what we are out in the simplest way. I think I came up with it; we are relationship builders around health and wellness. We help create safe and un-intimidating places and ways to meet and build relationships, all fitness levels welcome.

This morning I woke up super late for me, 7:30, and am ready to take on the Expo. I feel excited to get to share what we do and the amazing results that have come from it. If you have time today, come see us, Stacy, Monica, Sarah and myself for sure and anyone else who wants to just chat or tell others about the accomplishments they have achieved.

It feels good to be back! See you all soon, I hope!

Your Turn


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