Show the Love 2 YT

Good morning ladies,

The longest feeling month of the year for me is February. Regardless of the fact that it is only 28 days it always seems to drag on endlessly leaving me craving March. This February, not so much; I am amazed at how quickly it has passed me right by because I spent the entire month EXCITED (other than when I was sick, that is).

However you went through it, here we are, at the end with spring sniffing at our heels. But before we bring February to a close I am going to throw out one more ASK for YOU to Show the Love 2 YT. Let me tell you this isn’t easy for me to do. I want more than anything to have everything be for free all the time and I want to act like YT is magic and couldn’t possible ever need a nickel but that isn’t the case.

Let me lay out a list of expenses we have to cover just for you to understand where the money that comes in goes:

  • · Board Insurance
  • · Liability Insurance
  • · Brochures
  • · Web Site
  • · Texting Support
  • · Food for Meet and Greet
  • · Supplies for Meet and Greet
  • · Logo Development
  • · Email Addresses
  • · Incidentals for Gatherings
  • · Scholarships for those who want to participate in races that cannot afford it
  • · Yoga Mats for our upcoming Yoga Class
  • · Running Strollers for those who need to use one and cannot afford it
  • · Expo supplies
  • · Printer Paper
  • · Printer Ink
  • · Upfront costs for Shirts
  • · Upfront costs for Shirt Screening
  • · Costs for YT Programs
  • · Lawyer
  • · Accountant
  • · Accounting Program
  • · Non-profit status
  • · Following government guidelines to be a legal organization
  • · Scholarships for programs that we run that we need to charge for

What we cannot afford to pay for but need to:

  • · Athletic Shoes for those in need
  • · Rent
  • · Utilities
  • · Vehicle gas for all the programs we run
  • · Your Turn vehicle

These expenses and so much more go on without much thought when you are just coming to a YT Gathering or C25K or “just” reading the morning email or our monthly Meet and Greet.

Your Turn runs strictly on volunteer basis and ALMOST everything we do is FOR FREE to you but not for free for us to run.

As with our promise this is the last of our official “ask” until November 2013. All we are asking is for you to contribute is $3 to our mission now and again in November. We believe that as our numbers grow with YT Inspirators that individual donation of $3 will grow as well. We thank each person who has donated and for the donations still to come in.

Thanks for Showing the Love 2 YT!

Get Your Sweat On

Your Turn


If you have trouble with the Show the Love link please let me know. Thank you.


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