For Me

Good Morning,

BRRRRR! No more T-shirts and tank tops. It is nice to be back home.

You know that Melodie and I went to Florida to support the Your Turn inspirators that wanted to run the 1/2 marathon. Before the countdown I said good luck to all the runners around me, and took a deep breath. Fireworks shot into the sky and I said to myself “this is for me.” I would not say that out loud.

Often as women we do for others, which is the right thing to do and makes us feel good. But when I take each moment and think to myself “this is for me” a positive energy fills my heart. The warmth of my tea, the scurry of the morning, the red light that says take a minute to stop and breathe, “this is for me”. As the crowd cheered, I knew that they were looking for someone else, but at the exact moment they were cheering and I was passing by, at that moment their cheers were for me.

This day, this moment, this email is for you! Let the positive energy of this moment fill your heart.

Get Your Sweat On!


2 thoughts on “For Me

  1. What a great message. You deserved all the cheers! You are an inspiration to all of us women who are following in your footsteps of making our dreams come true. Thank you for being the leader of the pack.

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