The Night Before, Thoughts from Mel

Good morning ladies,

How was it….how was what? THE DISNEY PRINCESS ½ MARATHON, OF COURSE!!!

Here was my night before…
Anyone that knows me knows I am a crier. I cry at EVERYTHING. I accept it about myself and actually feel very proud that I have feelings that I am not too ashamed or afraid to show, I consider it a positive personality trait. But, this trip…HOLY MAN! I cannot seem to hold it together. Every time I think of what Dawn and I have accomplished I can’t help but want to weep.
Over a year ago Jimmy and I were at the Portage Y and we were telling one of the men who work there about what I was going to do, start this non-profit up and he said, “we’ll see how long that lasts. People start this kind of thing up all the time but then they don’t get paid, have to put in too many hours to make it work and quit”. I remember thinking; he obviously doesn’t know this Mel, this NEW MEL, very well to think I would just throw in the towel on Your Turn.
During this past year I have told Jimmy many times, “I’m going to quit. This takes up too much of my time and too much of our money. We can’t afford to keep this up.” Jimmy would tell me, “Mel, this is what you are meant to do. I’ll figure the money out and I’ll be on Daddy duty every night of the week if that’s how it needs to be for now.” I always knew I couldn’t really quit, I couldn’t give up on what we had started but I didn’t always know how to keep it up either and sometimes it is so exhausting.
Fast forward to now, this night (I am writing this on the eve to the Princess ½ Marathon). I am up trying to upload or download pictures onto the blog while everyone in the room is sleeping because we have to be up at 2am tomorrow morning to make the bus at 3am, the race begins at 5:30am. The video and photos are taking forever but I don’t mind, I keep thinking….I didn’t give up. Dawn didn’t give up. We made this happen. We told Melissa 1 year ago that we were “ALL IN” on her dream and we kept that promise.
Your Turn isn’t easy to do. Your Turn is a labor of love; it’s worth every bit of money, every bit of effort, every bit of sweat. Your Turn is here because YOU have a dream that YOU haven’t even shared with us yet. Your Turn is here to help make that dream a reality and that makes me down right BAWL!!!!
Tomorrow morning when Dawn’s alarm wakes us up at 2am and I see the faces of Melissa and Karen and Ann and know that we, through determination and effort and LOVE made this a reality I will be hit in the face again with PRIDE!

Your Turn


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